[Missions] Flight training missions return with FS Academy - VFR

Just thought I should update that after the most recent update of MSFS I can see the airport during the 2nd VFR flight.

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Great! Hopefully that makes the landing a bit easier!

Yep! I can actually see the airport now…lol. Just for anyone reading after the fact, this was not an issue with the FS Academy software, but rather an issue with MSFS2020.

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Are these supposed to be marked as completed bush trips when we finish the lesson? I get to the end but it is never marked as complete (just tells me to end mission once I complete all tasks).

Hi, they’re not really bush trips, but located in that menu as that is all that is available currentlt, other than Landing Challenges. An end screen is to be added in a future update however

Hi everyone, something new is on the horizon:


Jetliner is now available exclusively on Orbx. Coming soon to Marketplace


Expecting a Marketplace release some time today!

Soon coming to our partner stores:
-Flightsim .com

Hi All, Microsoft have reported they had staffing issues, so we can expect Jetliner on marketplace on the 3rd June. Other stores from the 1st.

Sorry for the delay, Happy landings!

Happy student here! :smiley:
I’ve been flight-simming for decades but I’m afraid I was just fooling around when it came to GA planes and VFR. Your work was super helpful setting things straight and I’m now enjoying FS2020’s bush trips with proper flying and circuits, thanks!
Will definitely get the IFR lessons when Fall comes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fantastic. That’s great to hear.

Jetliner update: At the last minute, MS have again delayed the marketplace release of Jetliner, this time for ‘localisation pipeline delays’.

Jetliner is available right now in a range of other stores:

We’ll let you know once Jetliner makes its way onto Marketplace.

Hi everyone,

Jetliner is out now on Marketplace!

Find the missions under Activities - Bush Trips after restarting the sim.

Get the manual here: www.fsacademy.co.uk/jetliner

Support: www.fsacademy.co.uk/support-jetliner

Happy landings!


Some mixed experience here on the VFR lessons. No problem with installation - went fine. So far, I’ve completed two lessons. The instruction is clear and helpful. However there are a few issues:

  1. None of the usual MSFS options are available at the top of the screen - you can’t adjust cameras, pull up map, etc. If you’ve mapped camera toggles to controls those work fine, but they seem to have disabled the standard pull-down interface (unless that’s an install bug).
  2. Because of the way the triggers for new instructions work, if you miss something or take too long achieving a particular altitude or speed or direction, you effectively exit the lesson without knowing it. There is no warning that you are too far off and you are not forced to restart. So you can just keep flying and be nowhere near where you should be. The real life equivalent would be a flight instructor who gave you some instructions - but if you didn’t follow them correctly - they’d give you 1 or 2 reminders and after that, they’d just stop talking completely and go silent on you.

I saw another poster talked about being instructed to land in a field in lesson 2 instead of the airport. This happened to me as well and I have the latest updates. I don’t think it’s an issue with MSFS - it’s because FSAcademy doesn’t warn you that you blew it. In FSX, Rod Machado often terminated lessons too soon which was irritating. This is quite the opposite. On top of this, since you can’t pull down the map you can’t tell that you are completely off course - at least, not for a long time.

I’m going to see if I can map the VFR map to a key to open it - not sure if that will work. I did discover that Little Navmap still connects and shows location, so if you have LNM, you can use that to make sure you’re not completely off course.

Based on two lessons, this feels like a work in progress. I really don’t like having all the drop down controls missing. And I find it hard to believe they couldn’t do a better job of letting you know when you’ve gotten too far off the mark. They use a combination of location-based and time-based triggers. So in lesson 2, I got a time-based instruction to land even though I was in the wrong place - that is not good programming. They should be able to put some kind of temporal window around the location triggers. Similarly, they should put a location window around time-based triggers so they don’t trigger if you’re completely off course. And then they should warn you to start over if you’ve gotten too far out of those windows.

If your skills are already very good, it will probably work well for you - but isn’t the point of these lessons to improve skills? If you had excellent skills controlling the plane, would you be taking a lesson about level flight, take off and landing?

The idea is excellent but they’ve taken a pretty unsophisticated approach to execution and adjustment.

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback. I think we spoke earlier today via email, but I will expand here for the benefit of all…

1 - The toolbar was not available at time of release due to lack of SDK Missions section. We have cracked this feature since, as seen in Jetliner, and these improvements are coming in the next round of updates to IFR and VFR, as has been posted a few times in this thread. This will enable on-screen objectives and the VFR map, which will indeed aid navigation if you stray too far off course.

2 - I read your improvement suggestion of a “if you didn’t follow them correctly - they’d give you 1 or 2 reminders and after that, they’d just stop talking completely and go silent on you.” This is quite how IFR and VFR currently work. If you miss altitude, airspeed, HDG etc, then you will have your instructor remind you. This often occurs more than once. The weakness here is that we cannot predict every possible combination of player error and make an associated trigger for it. We will expand these reminders in the upcoming updates, as this will improve this issue, combined with point 1.

The landing in a field issue was indeed tracked down to an installation issue IIRC. A reinstallation or mod removal cleared this up I believe. The issue you described by email sounded a little different in that you had ended up very far off course, which I understand has a different cause.

Further info can be found here:

Until then, happy landings!

Hi - thanks for the quick follow up - yes, we did speak by email. That’s great that improvements are coming. However I hold to my impression that the reminders are minimal and there is no indication that you’ve passed a point of no return. Not knowing how it’s coded, I can’t make specific suggestions - but it doesn’t seem that difficult to assess when particular triggers have been missed or when the user is “overdue” for particular triggers or objectives or when the plane is a certain distance off the expected course. When I landed in the field, I was clearly many miles away from the airport. Surely it wouldn’t be that difficult to have determined that. And again, knowing I was off course by so much, the instructor shouldn’t be telling me to land on a runway that is far away.

Hi all,

A minor update to FS Academy - VFR is now available, version 1.1.

This mostly addresses UI improvements, for Sim Update 5 compatibility.
V1.1 has been provided to all stores, who will update their systems asap. Marketplace will likely lag behind, as MS conduct their own processing before release.

Until v1.1 is installed, the missions will appear out of sequence in the Bush Trips menu.

Info here: www.fsacademy.co.uk/support-vfr

Please note: FS Academy - Jetliner has a more major update for SU5 compatibility also.

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I noticed that original MSFS missions grades your success and mark mission to done after success. Would it be possible to add mark that mission is done? I think grading is not so easy. FS Academy missions have possibility to continue flying after mission is accomplished, maybe this is a reason?

Hi there,

Grading is something that may come in the future, once other mission categories are made available to third party devs, such as tutorials.

For now, please disregard the % completed figure and have patience whilst we await MS to process VFR v1.1,.

Update: MS advise v1.1 will be up on marketplace by the end of the month.

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Hello, are there any required updates to IFR for SU5 in the works? I purchased it a while ago but haven’t started with it yet, and if an update is coming I’ll wait for it. Thanks!