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I have just bought all your training courses and also the Voyager.
Could you tell me what is the best order to do the courses? Start with VFR or IFR or Navigator? And which one is best to do next?
Thank you in advance

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Hi there,

Thank you for your support.
I generally suggest the following order:


Also, Voyager gives extra VFR trips, after NAVIGATOR, to expand your selection of journeys.



Is this a known issue that some missions don’t appear in FS Academy - Navigator or VFR but come under heading of Custom Content?

Hi there,

These missions are in bush trip format, so are listed as such in the Custom Content menu. This ensures their correct UI and ingame functionality.

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Hello everyone…

We have some exciting news. Coming very soon to Flight Simulator is FS ACADEMY - COMMANDER.

An announcement trailer has been posted on our newly revamped website:

This will be a step forwards for FS ACADEMY, with new features such as instrument highlights and random failures.

Keep your cool in the face of adversity. FS ACADEMY - COMMANDER will arm you with the framework to deal with anything fate throws your way, made by a real airline Captain.

Including emergency landings, system malfunctions, hazardous weather and more, COMMANDER will present you with challenging and authentic scenarios that will stretch your abilities. Use real-world procedures and techniques to manage a wide range of scenarios that push you to the limit.

Forge a robust failure handling process that enables you to calmly and methodically work through the task at hand, no matter what aeroplane you are flying, that will stay with you throughout your flying career.

Know what to do when the engine stops turning. Stay in control when your instruments freeze. Survive a dangerous ash cloud encounter. Deal with a landing gear malfunction and then go your own way and make your own decisions, putting everything you have learnt to the test.

It’s time to level up and step into the shoes of the Commander. Feel the weight of responsibility from the four stripes on each shoulder.

We start with a bang. Know what to do when the engine stops turning overhead the Isle of Wight. You will be introduced to failure management and will be shown how to select a suitable landing site. Follow the forced landing procedure to get us down safely.

A freezing sky above the Isle of Man wreaks havoc on your instrumentation and controls. Think outside the box to recover and stay in control before returning to land with limited options. Learn the fundamentals of the pitot and static systems and see how difficult flying becomes without them. Use rudder to control your aircraft after your ailerons succumb to the chill.

Shut down non essential systems as you desperately stretch out battery life so that you are not plunged into darkness before landing. Come to a decision using a structured failure management system to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.

A jammed landing gear leg necessitates a discontinued approach for troubleshooting in the shadow of Mt Vesuvius. Run through your options before accepting fate and scraping down the runway centreline to a stop.

Step up to the Jetliners and navigate your way out of the international Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in thick fog. Make sure not to take a wrong turn as Air Traffic Control will notice. We will discuss the take-off procedure as we crawl to the runway in diminished visibility.

Once lined up on Paris CDG runway 27L, we set takeoff thrust and power through the fog up to flying speed. However all is not well after lift-off as our pitot systems become obstructed, forcing us to employ our Memory Actions to keep us on the rails. Sometimes the most difficult decisions are when everything returns to normal.

Lose an engine high above the Alps and see how our reduced performance forces us lower into thicker air. Complete the authentic engine failure procedure and communicate with the cabin crew and passengers as we drift closer and closer to the alpine landscape below.

A nightly occurrence in the European summer, fight your way between thunderstorms and achieve maximum climb performance to leap clear of the clouds and punch through to the clearer skies above. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you are reminded that not everything is within your control.

A rapidly escalating situation develops onboard in the dead of night. Your engines begin to choke as the realisation sets in that you are engulfed within a dangerous cloud of volcanic ash. Run the real procedures to escape the area as you feel the full force of nature against you.

An authentic recreation of US Airways Flight 1549. Based on the official NTSB report, experience for yourself the time critical decision making that was required of the crew in the cold January skies above New York. Combined with true to life weather, aircraft configuration, passenger loads, cockpit communications and ATC recordings, this is a fascinating look at the Miracle on the Hudson, but this time you are in the Captains seat.

A last-minute windshear alert from our Cessna 208 throws our arrival into Guernsey into jeopardy. Make your own choice of whether you reattempt the approach or to conserve fuel and head for your alternate immediately.

Now that the weather has cleared, we depart Jersey to reattempt our arrival into Guernsey. At some point between takeoff and landing a random scenario will be generated, leaving you to deal with the situation alone. Use everything you have learnt and roll the dice in this unique experience.

FS ACADEMY - COMMANDER is accompanied by a complete ground school manual, covering a host of topics to boost your background knowledge before you take to the skies.

This is your moment

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Pre-release reviews are starting to come in for COMMANDER.

Join us in the dedicated COMMANDER forum topic: FS Academy - COMMANDER - #18 by FSAcademyLTD

More info posted there. The manual is already up and available for free!

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Hi everyone,

FS Academy - COMMANDER is available right now for PC from our partners:

Also coming to the Microsoft Marketplace soon, pending their backlog.

All the info here: www.fsacademy.co.uk/commander

We have some exciting news!

COMMANDER is now available from the in-game Marketplace! FOR PC + XBOX

Find us in the ACTIVITIES-TRAINING section.
Get the manual and support from www.fsacademy.co.uk/commander

Let us know what random scenarios you get in 12. High Roller and what decisions you make and why!


@FSAcademyLTD Hey ive got a few of your courses and really love them. Just a question regarding the groundschool manuals on your website…must we purchase the corresponding course or are we able to benefit from those free manuals regardless?
Whatever your answer, i must say these courses are really beneficial and well put together…thank you!


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Hi Jake,

Thanks for getting in touch and for your kind words. I’m really happy to hear you are enjoying the series.

All of our manuals are available for free from our website, so please feel free to visit and download the whole set if you wish:


Hi, FSA, Is there any way how I can translate the text comments into another language?

Thanks very much David, if i may could i ask two questions briefly?

  1. When you half the crosswind component when traveling at 120KIAS, do you also half the headwind or tail wind component? Im guessing if your wind on the clock fase gives you 1/4 the wind strength your head or tailwind is 3/4 the wind strength so do you adjust that value based on speed as well?
    Also what is considered exceptable altitude deviations in vfr crosscountry in the absence of airspace?

Thanks very much for your replys David!

Hi there,

Currently only English is supported across the FS Academy range. You can enable subtitles to aid comprehension, but we have no facility to enable you to fully translate the missions.

We hope to change this in future packs.

Hi there,

When we discuss the wind effects, we are primarily concerned with lateral drift when it comes to track keeping. We are also interested in our groundspeed, where headwind or tailwind come into play.

Glass cockpit aircraft take care of this for us, with live digital readouts of detected wind, track and groundspeed.

For our classic Cessna, we must do the clockface technique, as you are discussing. A direct headwind would cause no drift, but would reduce our groundspeed by the full windspeed value.

We still use the clockface, but use the wingtip as our 12 oclock, rather than the nose. A headwind would be more than 60degrees from the wingtip, so we apply all of the windspeed.

Altitude holding standards are generally no more than 100ft approx.

I hope this helps

Understood thanks heaps David for your time in replying to my questions!

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Hi Navigators,

We’re pleased to announce that completing your FS ACADEMY line-up is now easier than ever and at around 40% off.


The complete FS Academy training collection for Flight Simulator 2020.

From taking your first lap of the airfield circuit to dealing with emergency scenarios in an airliner, FS Academy will teach you every step of the way.

Included in the ZERO to HERO bundle is the full, critically-acclaimed FS Academy line-up of authentic training missions, brought to you by a real airline Captain. Learn how to operate a light single engine aeroplane with VFR.

Go and explore cross-country flying in NAVIGATOR.
Discover the skills and techniques of flying on instruments alone with IFR.
Step up to the heavy metal in JETLINER before tackling the challenging and time critical emergency scenarios in COMMANDER.

Included with ZERO to HERO, in the suggested order of completion:

Learn the basics of visual flight including departure, circuit patterns, approach and landing, plus mountain flying and navigation exercises.

Dig deeper into visual navigation to broaden your horizons and embark upon cross-country navigation.

Keep the show on the road when the clouds roll in. An instrument flying course to arm you with the essential skills of IFR flight.

Master the critical aspects of operating the Airbus A320 from taxi out to taxi in.

Deal with emergency scenarios is a realistic and structured way. Ranging from engine failures, volcanic ash encounters, hazardous weather and much more.
Try your hand at the Miracle on the Hudson, with the true to life parameters, weather and ATC all combined for the most authentic experience possible.

Each pack contains 12 realistic and high quality training scenarios, totalling 60 challenging training missions.
An accompanying ground school manual is included for each pack, which can all be downloaded from FSAcademy.co.uk

You are assisted in flight in real time by your virtual instructor who will guide you through each tutorial and will notice any mistakes and present you with reminders.

This is supplemented by onscreen objectives, location markers, full subtitles and more to complete your experience. The culmination of years of development and refinement, this series contains the best and most comprehensive set of training missions for Flight Simulator, all in one bundle.

For existing students of the FS Academy range, ZERO to HERO allows you to complete your collection at a discounted price.

Your existing packs will automatically be discounted from the bundle. To buy each pack individually runs to approx $115USD. ZERO to HERO can be yours for 69.99USD (or equivalent in your region) or less if you already own some of the series.

Your time has come…