Mixture lever (P-51D)


How should mixture adjustment work in P-51D?
There is a lever near throttle and it has two positions: Open and cut off. So should mixture be automatically adjusted?

What I am wondering is that I have mixture mapped to my throttle’s axle and if I move it, I hear sound of moving lever and engine stops.
However I cannot find any related lever in the cockpit so what is my mixture axle changing? Is the lever hidden somewhere?

The Mustang has positions, not a variable selection.
I believe the two positions here are Idle Cut off, and Auto Rich.
Some P51D’s had three or four position settings.
Idle/cut off, auto lean, auto rich, and emergency full rich. Auto lean was used for cruising, and auto rich for intensive moments with high engine settings like taking off and climbing.


Thank you.

The cockpit in sim is right, I guess that for some reason my controller can change mixture even though lever is not there and thus stop the engine.

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