MK Studios - LPPT - Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport issues

Hi there, I saw today that MKStudio’s had released LPPT - Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport. I’ve been waiting for someone to release this as been gagging to fly there for so long! So much so that it was an insta-purchase throught the Orbx Direct software.

All went well installing it and I jumped in my little A320NX and flew down there from Heathrow.

And that’s where a couple of issues started…

Firstly, the localiser for runway 21 was misaligned. I thought it was offset, but there is nothing in the Navigraph charts that says this (and I reviewed not only the APPR plate but also the General Airport Briefing pages for approaches). So I had to disconnect AP and manoeuvre myself into alignment with the runway centreline…

Secondly, upon actually landing, and taxiing, my sim completely hung up. No CTD, and the audio continued, but completely frozen screen…

I tried reloading into it again and it crashed again.

I reinstalled it and loaded into it again and it seemed to work, but it is extremely frame-rate hungry and my FPS there drops like a stone :frowning: I got in the drone cam and went away from the airfield and sure enough once you’re a little way away, the framerate comes back any things are smooth again - but as soon as you go back towards the airport it starts juddering about again…

I’m running a Ryzen 3800XT, 32Gb RAM, NVME SSD, RTX 3070 graphics, Windows 10. I don’t get this sort of frame rate drop anywhere else really. I have another MKStudios product - EIDW - Dublin - and that runs perfectly. I have lots of other paid add-ons and I’ve never had an issue with those. Just this new one!

Has anyone else bought this scenery yet? Does anyone else have similar issues? Any ideas?



In case you’re not aware yet, hotfix is live on Orbx central.

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Brilliant. I downloaded that and it seems to have sorted the frame rate issues at least. Won’t know about ILS localiser alignment until next time I return there. The price you pay for being an early adopter I guess !!!

Works fine now

Just had the same problem. Landed after a 2 hour flight and it hung at the gate LOL. CPU was pegged at 100%

Downloading update now.

Update also works fine here now.

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With the latest AIRAC update there was a runway identifier change. RWY 03/21 is now 02/20, similar to what happened at LEBL a few months ago.

Hope they’ll issue an update for this. Anyone know if there are more airports affected?