MMLC Not in data base

MMLC is an airport located in south mexico is used every day by AEROMAR AIRLINES every day is also my home airport and is not in MSFS2020 data base . I started this ticket 2 or 3 months today 2/8/21 still not on Please ADD this airport MMLC

check if you can find it on Bing maps, if not, then that’s the issue.
Might be added in a future world update.

how do i do that?

Never mind, I think I found it. Is this the one?

If so, it’s odd it’s not in the sim. Has it been recently opened? or been there for decades?

i am 42 years old is always been there

It’s in the sim, not sure why you can’t find it:

edit: it’s MMCL, not MMLC.

Hi @PalmarLand74283,
I’m going to close your topic as MMLC has been reported to zendesk and is listed on an airport list that we are using to keep track of missing airports.

Might just be an incorrect airport code Hester.

No dude you have the wrong one is MMLC city LAZARO CARDENAS Google the city NOT the one you got

Then see Hester’s post above :slight_smile:

OK. This has been reported:
MMLC Lázaro Cárdenas Airport 18.00169945 -102.2210007

Thank you i hope they FIX this i reported this 2 or 3 months ago

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Duplicate report.
For reporting missing airports, first report to zendesk. Then post to this topic: