Mobiflight update greatly expands SimConnect events!

A new Mobiflight update just came out that allows you to access events not available in Simconnect, through simply adding them in a text file. You can look up the event through the developer mode of the sim. It is working unbelievable easy!

It allows me now e.g. to control the G3X knobs through Python Simconnect. This will make creating your own button boxes far more easy and cool!


do you have more details ? This is the 7.10.16 beta ?

Yep, it is. Just put the mobiflight-event-module in the community folder, and then you can use the standard python simconnect interface to connect.

E.g. to set the G1000 zoom, you’ll use (so a little bit different syntax than the standard SimConnect commands):
event_to_trigger = Event(b’MobiFlight.AS1000_MFD_RANGE_INC’, sm)

This is included standard in the Mobilflight wasm module. But now you can add additional ones in the events.txt file. E.g. for the G3X zoom, you’ll need to add AS3X_Touch_1_Knob_Inner_R_INC in the events.txt, and then in Python:
event_to_trigger = Event(b’Mobiflight.AS3X_Touch_1_Knob_Inner_R_INC’, sm)

The correct syntax for a specific knob or button can be found in the developer mode. I don’t know the correct menu item from the top of my head, but it is not too difficult to figure out.

Hopefully somebody can make some sense out of this and come up with some use cases

It’s really not that complicated if you know python, and the python simconnect library. For the Mobiflight addition, check e.g. Include non standard SimConnect commands · Issue #80 · odwdinc/Python-SimConnect · GitHub

And search on this forum for G1000 and Mobiflight and you’ll learn a lot :slight_smile:

Major pre-req, to know python :smile:
That is why I’m hoping somebody turns this new found knowledge in something the average user can benefit from

Well, I posted it in the SDK / Simconnect category… I guess there are quite some programmers around here.

You don’t need to use Python to interact these new events. The WASM module is adding new SimConnect events and anything that uses SimConnect can trigger them, for example FSUIPC.

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i still can’t get it to work !
Trying with the EFIS and a rotary encoder using the event A320_neo_MFD_Range_1 and nothing happen

That’s great to hear, I use touch portal on a tablet and it can send simconnect events.
I guess the following needs to happen for TP to be able to send these new commands
1 Place the new mobiflight-event-module in the community folder
2 Touch portal plugin needs to be updated

Indeed! E.g. Mobiflight itself makes this also very easy.

Maybe join the mobiflight Discord to ask for some assistance

the a320 events that come as examples are for the FBW mod.

I tried to figure this out the other day, but couldn’t find an option in the menu that seemed to help. I’m assuming there’s some kind of tool in developer mode that will let you click on buttons in the cockpit while displaying a log of impacted variable names and values for those buttons? If so, I’d be grateful for a little help figuring out how to access it.

Maybe this can be of help to you @AnasBee116?


Turn developer mode on, then go to Windows, Model Behaviours. Select the XML with interior in its name. And then you have to play a bit with the root components and the childs and check what comes up below that. It’s a bit a trial and error approach… (at least for me).

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Not many of the A320 MCDU ones seem to work for me