[MOD] Start FS without waiting for "Press Any Key" screen

It does the job for me but it doesn’t close after the sim has started.

In terms of launching things, you could also look into TouchPortal. I already use it for keyboard/event shortcuts so it was a no brainer to say “hey, get me set up so I can play”.

One of the things that I wanted to do was also start the FS exe from TouchPortal but I wasn’t having much luck due to the MS permissions issues.

BUT FSJumpStarter solves this as I can now simply add FSJumpStarter to the “Start all applications” TouchPortal button

You can now also use game detection on this EXE with OpenTrack rather than doing some arbitrary “wait x seconds before simulate START button press”

…now if only I could find a way to click the “start service” button in the SpecialK frame limiter program prior to starting MSFS.

I will be incorporating this EXE into my TouchPortal page project with ties into an MSFS plugin that was made by someone on the TouchPortal discord server:
*github -> FordMustang0288/MSFSTouchPortalPages*

Edit: Thanks again to @AmbitiousPilots for this tool. It is now in the latest release…0.5.1

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It does not work for me.

The splash screen remains until I close it manually.


@Nerbulus It should shutdown itself after it has skipped the press any key screen. If it doesn’t, there is a 2 minute timeout that acts as failsafe to shut down the app automatically in case it did not detect the press any key screen. However, if more people have this issue of the app not closing down, I’ll look into why it doesn’t. Regarding making it visible in the taskbar is no problem if you want that I can enable it.

@rottenbk You’re welcome! Hit me up if you’ve got questions or in case you got a feature request.

@Machete3181 Yea it’s good that you don’t trust random stuff on the internet. However, I provide this tool for free as a community mod. Acquiring a so called “code signing certificate” would set me back at least 120,- euros. As this tool does not generate income, I cannot sign this with such certificate. And because there is no source code doesn’t mean it’s harmful. Furthermore, why should I damage my own reputation by releasing useless or harmful software?! I want to add value to the FS community like I do on my crash to desktop issues thread.

@jetman67 Did you start FS via the FSJumpStarter2020?

@JackWeil alright so Nerbulus also said it doesn’t close. The app has a 2 minute timeout, after which it should close down if it hasn’t done so before. But I’ll check in which cases it doesn’t and release an update. Thanks for letting me know.

@Archy88 Sounds good that you got it working with FSJumpStarter2020! I haven’t used the frame limiter you wrote about, so don’t know its user interface. In case you got an Nvidia GPU, did you try the builtin frame limiter? Its performance is also good, I’m using it myself. ATI should have one out of the box as well. I’m fine with you incorporating FSJumpStarter2020 in your project, just give me credits with a link back to my GitHub.

@JungleSangsue55 Did you try it more than once? How long does it take your PC to start Flight Simulator itself? Do you have the steam or Microsoft store version of FS? Do you play FS on more than one monitor, if so, does FS start on the primary monitor?

thx!! fine little Mod!! :clap:t2: :+1:t2:

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Great Work :smile:


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I did start via the exe but no luck

Do you use the Steam or Microsoft Store version of FS? And do you play on one or multiple monitors?

I probably won’t convince you… and yes, code signing certs are expensive. But if you care about your reputation, it’s even more important that you sign your executables. A bad actor could very easily inject malware into your app. Worst part is you would have no way to prove it wasn’t you who did it. I know a lot unsigned code is being spread by many, but users need to understand that even if the original author is trustworthy, it’s still very dangerous.


@AmbitiousPilots - reddit -> specialks_frame_rate_limiter_review_dx11_based/

I remembered seeing that Special K was preferred over Nvidia. This is not what I originally found, but it is a thorough comparison.

I have the msversion,do have 2 monitors but mouse was on main screen

Does this include a splash screen? I hate how it takes 10 seconds to even show that that I have started the sim.

@Archy88 Is this the user interface you see when using the SpecialK frame limiter?

@jetman67 I’ll have a look why it doesn’t work for you. Stay tuned.

@WeeBar Yes, a Splash Screen is shown right after you start FSJumpStarter2020 until FS has started.

Will you be open sourcing this? Random exe’s from the internet are spooky. Would love to see the code and build myself if possible.

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Hi there - thanks for this, its great - however, I get the stuck picture and have to manually close it too. The reason is msi afterburner with Rivatuner. If I stop those programmes then your software goes straight through to the menus. If they are loaded then the picture stays onscreen and I have to close it manually!

I test several times but no luck. Does not work
I use fs2020 from the windows store, app has been moved to my J SSD
It takes almost 2 min to load fs2020
I use fs2020 on one monitor, the main one (2 monitors total)
I live in France.

same here,

you have to close your app manually

I’m looking for the reason why it doesn’t work for some people and will release an update.

@Rapidfire83274 I’m running afterburner as well. Do you use the rivatuner game overlay with stats like FPS?

I do and I would guess therein lies the issue.

Does this change any game files? After running this one time I’m unable to use my GeForce Experience Game Filters. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled GeForce Experience but no dice. I use the game filters to clean up the soft gray colors.