Mod to add Parking at smaller airstrips that don't have parking?

Anyone know of a Mod that can add a parking spot to the very small airstrips in the Sim?
Currently the only way to fly from them is to start at one end of the runway with everything running hot ready to fly, I’d like to start Cold. Thanks

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I don’t, and I would like to have that, too.

But I’d much rather that Asobo removed the artificial relationship between spawn location and initial aircraft state. Why not let us decide for ourselves if we want to spawn cold & dark on the runway or on a ramp ready to taxi?


Yes that is another option to have the choice at the of the runway.

You want a mod to do this automatically for all such strips in the sim?

For that you would need a mod capable of AI so I doubt it.

For one airport I think you can use the SDK to modify the airport yourself. Or you will be able to do so soon.

I’m no modder so have no idea what’s required, also I’m not going to go through and edit every airstrip I fancy flying from on a given session.

Perhaps the best way is a wish list item to have the Option as mentioned above, to start Hot or Cold at the end of the runway.

As stated, you must modify the airport to have a parking spot. That means the tool you want would be an automatic scenery development app that adds parking spots and recompiles the airport as an add-on.

What I do is shutdown the running aircraft on the end of the runway, use slew mode to move to the parking location I want, then perform a cold and dark start from that new location. It involves some extra steps with the shutdown and slewing, but I can start from any location I want without having to manage a new airport add-on for ever airport that doesn’t have parking.

I’ve been adding parking spots to every small airport I fly into that doesn’t have any. If you have any specific ones you want parking added to, I’d be happy to do it. I can do that in less time than it takes MSFS to boot :sweat_smile:

Theoretically, it would be possible. An automated approach might be possible, but it would be quite hard to code and in some cases where the buildings are generated from AI, not OpenStreetMap, it might have parking spots placed on top of buildings.
A semi-automatic approach is possible. So populating airfields with parking spots and then verifying them one by one in some custom mapping tool, as I do with verifying objects in We Love VFR mod (in sim editor it would take ages). But it is a lot of work to create such an auto system and then verify around 30k airfields.
Also, take into consideration that Asobo is planning the airport gateway system, so such mod would become obsolete in the future. Still an interesting idea and probably a fun thing to develop, but unfortunately I can’t afford to start a project like that, especially freeware.

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eerr…all of them :laughing:

It was just an idea as something I noticed when wanting to fly from smaller air strips.

I support this request. If there have been any developments since the opening of this topic, I am very interested.
I opened a wishlist request. Don’t hesitate to support it. Request : add parking on small airports/airstrips

As some very knowledgeable people state, it’s a very sophisticated process to automatically add parking to airports/airfields. Probably, only something that Microsoft & Asobo have the resources to do.

To be honest, parking spots shouldn’t even be necessary at the small airports without any gates. Since we have satellite view on the world map and you can already spawn anywhere in the air, they should enable the ability of clicking any spot on the ground to spawn “cold and dark”.


I agree that this should already be allowed in the sim. And for floatplanes and seaplanes, we should be allowed to spawn on lakes, rivers, oceans wherever we like as well.


I’m not sure but I think parking spots are necessary for ai traffic planes to appear at an airport. So I think they are necessary. Nevertheless, your suggestion would be cool as well.

i have been building a small airfield for my friend who purchased an airstrip in tasmania but i cant seem to add a “cold and dark” start point to where i want the aircraft to spawn in at . Can I send you the file for you to have alook at at maybe tell me where i am going wrong. i will forever be in your debt

You’ll need to add a taxiway network to the airfield.

You’ll want to add some taxiway between the start points of the runway at each end and make these “runway” taxi paths, then you’ll create a taxiway parking spot(s) that you want, and connect those to a taxiway network that connects to your runway taxi paths. Make sure to put at least one hold short taxiway point in the network no further than 150 ft from the runway. You can make it no markings or with markings.

Personally, I prefer to not draw the taxi surfaces of the taxiway paths, and then use “Aprons” to make all the tarmac/concrete/grass/dirt on the airport. The easiest way to do that is, except for the runway taxipaths, and the connectors which will automatically be “parking” taxi paths between the parking spot and the next taxi point, is to make all taxi paths “Paths”, instead of “Taxi”. The only difference between a path and taxi is that a path will never draw the surface. With a Taxi, you have to turn off the surface.

You can connect anywhere you want to the runway (some runways connect at the center and expect you to back taxi to the end you are taking off from), but, AI traffic works best with taxiway networks that connect at the ends. You can also connect at the middle, too. AI traffic pretty much doesn’t work with back taxi runways.

The easiest way to make taxi paths today (since the add automatically is broken), is to create a taxi point at each end you want to go between, and then continually right mouse button and select “Split Path” and then move the points where you need them. To connect taxiway parking to a path, pick the parking spot, and the closes taxi point, so just those two points are selected, then “Add” a taxi path.

Thank you sooo much for this info it is a great help
looks like i have a major learning curve ahead for me :face_with_thermometer:

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