Model editor for planes


I,ve been thinking about the posibility of remove back seats of a plane but I don,t know if this is posible with any model editor program (I tried with blender but the export file didn,t work) Thank you in advance.

In order to “EDIT” a model, you should make a copy of it and re-release it :slight_smile: And that is agains any reasonable Terms of Service both with MS/Asobo and Third Parties.
So, wether it is possible (physically) to make a 1:1 copy of a plane, you wouldn’t in any way be allowed to edit any part of the above at your discretion.

That said, IT MIGHT be doable for strictly personal usage, but I am not even sure about that :slight_smile:

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Would be for personal use only, of course, my intention was to convert a small plane into a freighter taking off the seats, but too much for my small knowledge of editing models.