Model matching for Multiplayer with no vatsim

Do I need model matching for multiplayer if I don’t want to use vatsim but want to see other players liveries?

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you could use AIG Traffic Controller. That gives you two things 1. real world liveries on static aircraft and 2. if you so desire you can turn it on and it gives you AI traffic which is quite good imho.

If he only wants models and liveries for multiplayer he doesn’t need the Controller. The manager is enough to download the models. The game does the matching.

Latest versión of AIG TC is very unstable.
It crashes every 5 minutes no matter what % traffic you set.
Seems is an issue related with simconnect.
I also have random Sim CTD’s with AIG traffic controller.

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I have not experienced any CTDs mind you my version is 3 weeks old or so…

this is what it looks for me:

What % traffic have you set?
I have 70% in AIG manager and AiG TC.
Only fly in Europe.

I fly mostly North America

Are you running AIG TC version?
I just made some changes to see what happens.

There’s no model mathcing for multiplayer per se. The best you can do is disable generic models for multiplayer. But if you don’t have the plane someone else if flying, you’ll see a generic model instead. That’s how it works.

That works for AI traffic. He specifically asked for model matching for multiplayer. AIG won’t help with that.

AIG offers you the models you can use for multiplayer. I’m currently using the AIG 787 and A350 for multiplayer alongside the IVAO models.

Interesting. Well, I guess that will work for airliners. Unfortunately that doesn’t work for most GA.

You can use every aircraft on your system for AI and other players.

I suspect that he wants to be able to see other players’ 3rd party planes. Without actually owning those planes, there’s no way to do that.

That is correct. He could download the 777 from AIG and use that for players who are using the CS 777. He doesn’t need to own the exact same product.

yes is the version I have

You won’t see the other players aircraft or livery unless you have them both. Multiplayer matching in the sim is really messed up right now. It needs improving.

The matching is based on ICAO codes. The CS 772 is using the correct “B772” code. If i have an aircraft model and give that aircraft the “B772” code i will see the player who is flying the CS model as the model i have. I can use the IVAO or AIG 777 (or any other plane you want) for that.

I can show 747 players as an A380 or A340 if i want to just to create some diversity.

So far you’ve only mentioned airliners. What generic GA or war bird aircraft are available if you haven’t got them? Is this AIG manager or controller, or both that are required?

Have you got the link for this and information on installation?

AIG has it’s own thread here: