[Model Matching] multiplayer experience getting worse with each new plane/ update

Model matching, the word is out…

A few days ago, we went for an exploration of the recently added “RTMM” sceneries in Alaska. The plane of choice was the default vanilla xCub in amphibious version.

And we all started to meet on the water runway, only to see… Wheeled xCubs on the water everywhere !
And that is on a vanilla plane.

A bit older, but when the Ju-52 came out, and “not everyone” had bought it yet, there was an awful lot of airliner jets (A340-like things) taxiing on the tail, and flying at 50kts !

There is nothing less immersive…

I imagine it is up to Asobo to lead the way in matter of example, and well, Asobo your example is BAD as for now.

Is there any way of remeding to the awgul model matching on vanilla planes 1st ? And then to allow some kind of framework for all the addon airplanes there to be choosed BY THE USER to be substituted by anything in his library…
I would add that having such options for liveries could also help !

And later on, having a depository of external 3D models for multiplayer where any dev could upload a low poly version of his addon to be replaced in the sim ? (because yeah, P2P download like in Ms Flight was good, but I think it would breach some TOS nowadays…)

I would add something very interesting for 3PD/ studios : having an online model of your addons will certainly reduce piracy as it is sadly used for model matching in sims :frowning:

I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Definitely not emmersive when the aircraft don’t show up correctly at all with online players.
It seems like Xbox really has this issue and has had this issue for some time.

Is this on PC or Xbox for you?

I am sharing my PC experience, but I have been flying with xBox players that were seeing the exact same replacements that I did on the mentioned planes.

Sadly, the model matching isn’t just about 2 vanilla planes, but I wanted to get to the substance by showcasing the worse scenario case that I have encountered all this year.

The more you look into the problem eventually, you’ll find more very annoying cases. But the tail-dragging liners and the floating wheeled cubs was really too much for me :rofl: :worried: :scream:
Fact is that the actual model matching is very random, very anti-immersion, not user-friendly at all, has no options etc. And thus need to be addressed by Asobo :slight_smile:


Agreed, let’s just hope Asobo recognizes this as an actual issue / bug and will hopefully be able to fix it in the near future (ideally the next sim update).

I don’t think it can be addressed that quickly :smiley: you must know that the SU7 is already in testing :wink:

Also, if we need for example a low poly version of each existing planes from devs/ studios/ modders so we get where we have a library of multiplayer planes representations to choose from, it’ll certainly take even more time !

But as I tend to joke about during alpha, “hey, MSFS is a platform that will be ready in 10 years, not a 10 years old platform !” :wink:

There already are wishlists for this, e.g. Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries around you - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Well, I already voted on that topic back in 2020, and it’s been a year, that’s why I took the time to make a new one… We can’t have too many voices when the subject seems to be overlooked from the developers :slight_smile:
I also noted that the subject you linked to is in “self service” which should not be, as it is the wortk of Asobo to 1st sort out its model matching (in the actual state it can be considered as a bug !) and providing a framework for 3PD before waiting for the community to find fixes for an unfinished job.

But if needed, a moderator may find it useful to merge ? I don’t care as long as the problem is really being acknowledged from Ms or Asobo.

It’s not only this visual aspect rendering multiplayer completely useless now, but certainly one that ruins the more and more vanishing little moments when it’s (for a change) not dominated by noobs blocking the runway, wannabe Maverick reincarnations buzzing other players or armadas of Airbuses approaching the tailwind runway.

I can’t even use the phrase “multiplayer needs a redesign” because it never really had a design in first place, it is (like some other things in FS2020) a basic proof of concept contraption not made to meet real world requirements, at any rate not what it should have been before it gets populated by real masses of game console players. In that light, wide bodies sitting on their tail and wheeled taildraggers on a lake are the smallest problem.


As this isn’t a bug, please use the wishlist topic here so votes are not split: