Models not showing in the Objects tab

I’ve been trying to add my object I made in Blender into MSFS but I cannot see my object in the Objects tab. I have tried every combination of building and exporting. I have re-made my project but sill nothing. I re-installed the SDK but still nothing. The weird thing is, is that earlier today, the objects were showing up just fine. I could delete the objects and load in others, and they would show in-game. But suddenly, objects I deleted from the ModelLib folder, would still appear in the Objects tab even though they were in my Recycle bin. Then new objects stopped appearing and that’s where I am now. I did notice a message saying, “Unknown Package kingsimulations-kden-enhancements.”

Any Ideas? Thanks,

The objects you see in the objects tab are the One that are loaded in the virtual file system
: anything compiled and placed in community or the One in your project folder, if loaded and built (with build all)

If you still see old objects could be that you have not “clean all” before Building or that you have your package in community

To solve

Delete anything related to your scenery from community

There the _packageInt and Packages folder from your project

Load your project in the Sim

(Open console e clean any message)

Press Build All, look.for compilation errors

Now you should be able to see your objects (Remember to select All)

Thanks for your ideas but that didn’t work. I still can’t see my objects and I keep getting the unknown package error. Am I supposed to do anything with the _packageInt and Packages folder?


Oooopt that was a typo!

Delete _packageInt and Packages

Than buil again!

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