Modify C172 Classic Panels and Gauges

Is it possible to mod the C172 classic (steam gauge) panel? I’d like to try to make it match our flying club’s 172m as best as possible. For example, our 172m ASI is in mph instead of knots. I found the textures for gauges like the airspeed indicator, and I can just redraw this dial in mph units. But can someone point me toward where the panel layout is configured and the code behind the gauges? If it’s possible that is. Thanks!

I don’t think this is possible, as it’s part of the Deluxe edition and those planes are heavily protected by DRM

Yeah, I was afraid of that. How about the 172 G1000? Is that unlocked enough that I can rip the G1000 out and add the steam gauges back in?

Gauges in FS2020 aren’t just 2D textures pasted together and animated like a flipbook as in the old days. They’re now part of the aircraft’s 3D model, so you would have to do extensive work on the G1000 172 model to make this a reality.

Ok, thanks. The needle position isn’t 1:1 on the 172m mph gauge and the 172s ASI gauge in knots, so I was hoping I could tweak a scalar value in a cfg somewhere. But if all I can change is the gauge face texture, that’ll do.

It doesn’t have to be pretty either. I’m using this for practice and not screenshots. The 172m’s panel is already ugly as sin:

What’s exactly ugly about it?

This particular one is battered 1970s gaudy, a mismatch of instruments and avionics from every decade since, and tacky labels rom a label printer. She’s got old school charm and flies just fine, just not pretty looking. So I don’t mind if there’s a G1000 shaped hole in the 3D mesh if I can tweak the instrument layout to more closely resemble the real plane.

Anyway, if anyone wants an ASI in mph, here’s a quick texture replacement I whipped up for the c172 classic. It needs some tweaking for readability and better matching the original, but should work. Replace the file in \Official\OneStore\fs-base\texture\GAUGES with this one:

Just make sure you make a copy of the original, and the replacement as they’ll get overwritten on updates.