Modifying Cockpit Panels


I am a big fan of the DC-3, but I find the instruments’ locations on the panel weird. I am used to the classic “six-pack” of the Cessna 172 and I would like to replicate that layout in the DC-3. So, I would like to just relocate some of the instruments (I don’t want to change any instruments with that of other aircraft).

I know how to use Blender and have installed all the necessary plugins to handle gltf files, but I just don’t know how exactly to export the file and where to place it (or what to replace) in the plane’s files.

Thanks for any help!

You are not the first to have this desire. I hate to disappoint you but this is much more complicated than it appears. The reason is that the official models and in fact many of the models are not made with modular instruments as in real life. They are a collection of meshes and often are joined into larger meshes.

While it’s possible to import the model file, it’s not a one-to-one conversion, so to make major modifications and expect to simply export it back is not feasible. There are techniques to edit a gltf file directly but that only works for some modifications.

On the bright side, some 3rd party developers are building aircraft with some customization options, so with time, perhaps you may find the perfect mod for the DC-3.