Mods? C: or D: community folder

Hi newbie here
I had probs with installation but that’s another matter.

I have downloaded the launcher to default C: drive this has a community folder in it.
I have downloaded the packages to my SSD drive D: which also has a community folder.

My question is which one do I unzip mods into.

Thanks in advance


Within MSFS, in dev mode, go to Tools —> Virtual File System. Community folder location is under “Watched Bases”.

Or just unzip into one of them and test!

Thanks I’ll try that. I had mods installed yesterday but wouldn’t work so copied them to the other community folder and from then the sim wouldn’t work at all. Tried to reinstall sim but wouldn’t launch Don’t know if it was a coincidence. Had to reinstall windows this morning and now the sim is installing as we speak. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m no expert but I would keep everything on C: drive. You can use ‘Addon Linker’ to put all your mods/addons on to drive D:

I’m not expert, on all of the consequences, but, I’ve been running just fine for a year with the whole thing installed on D:. Well, there is some stuff on C: that you don’t have control over, but, Onestore and Community are on D:.

My machine has two 1TB drives, and addon linker didn’t exist when I first installed, so I chose the drive with more space on it knowing I’ll be adding tons of addons. I’ve looked at the addon linker since, but, it looked too complicated to me. But, that’s me.

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Thanks I have a 2tb c drive and a 1tb SSD so wanted the majority of MSFS files on the ssd. The installation creates a community folder on that as well. im on 98% installation now so ill be able to find out sonn Thanks for the reply

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Thanks for the info

Hello. I’ve been struggling with D: Community folder for few weeks. I installed the Sim on C, then moved it on D for lack of space. Since then the mods didn’t work. When I tried to move them on C or back to D, I had errors related with file encription. It’s something related with MS policy. That’s what I read on the internet and on other threads here. The solution, that is working perfectly, also found on a thread here was to install File Linker (you can find it here MSFS Addons Linker » Microsoft Flight Simulator). Free and effective. On youtube there are several tutorials on how to use it!

You install mods into game directory into community folder. Not the one on C: but the directory you installed the game to. The community folder on C: should be left alone.

Guys, as far as I know those folders are one in the same. The folder you find on “C” links to the folder that’s located where you installed the game. I does not matter at all into which of those folders you place your mods. This is all pretty basic “link” stuff…

I’ve put the mods into the D drive community folder and it seems to be OK now🤞

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I done that this time at it works now. Thanks

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I had them in both. Then I got problems. The sim wouldn’t load at all. Had to reinstall Windows and the sim. So took me most of the day. But it’s up and running now. Thanks

The packages will go wherever you told the sim to put them at installation. If that was D:, then it will be D:. The folders will also exist on C:, but they won’t be used and will remain empty.
To illustrate, my own setup is drive C:, a 500GB SSD, and drive D:, a 1TB HD.
My sim is installed on C:. My packages are in D:\FSPackages. This contains the whole caboodle, Community and Onestore\Official.
Those folders also exist in %Appdata% as normal, but they have never been touched by the system.

Incidentally, I had an HD lying around doing nothing, so I put the rolling cache on it. That’s in E:\FSCache.
And yes, it all works very well.


Binaries on C, the rest of the sim on D, and it’s not caused any issues for me.

Thanks everyone. I’m all good now.

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