Molholm Airbase (ESFM), Sweden - wind turbine blocks runway

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Airport ESFM - wind turbine blocks runway
If it’s not a landing or starting challenge then it could be a bug :wink:

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Spawn to ESFM

I think reporting it to zendesk would solve the issue. Evidently, this needs a manual correction and it is not a global bug.

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Hi @fsimOnline,
Make sure you report any airport or scenery abnormalities to zendesk so the devs have this report in their system:


Hi @Hester40MT ,
Hi @Severeeno,

I twice reported a another problem. I came to the conclusion that the zendesk website is too cumbersome for me to use. To many questions. I have to enter the same data over and over again. Zendesk does not remember data I typed in the report before (i.e. username, email…).


Unfortuantely it’s a glitch and therefore a low level change for them. So help yourself by generating a mod that places and exclusion rightangle where the windmile is positioned. That’s pretty easy and can be used by everybody. Place it at as a mod correcting this glitch.

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You are Rocketman ?:blush:
Thank you!

Well unfortunately the mill is still there. But I’ll have a second look at it tomorrow.

Don‘t worry, flew around it. Would be a nasty surprise if you fly a precision approach in bad weather :airplane:

That’s no error.
If you look at bing maps or google maps the windmill is there and the runway is destroyed:

I also looked up some historic images on google earth. the windmill is there at least sind 2007

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Thanks, good to know but from a pilot‘s view I would prefer the other way around😂

I don’t think exclusion rectangles work at removing wind turbines. Have you tried this yourself? Can you give more info?

I have a similar issue with a wind turbine close to an airstrip I made. In the real world, there is a small, domestic turbine so MSFS thinks it should place a large one.
Exclusion rectangles do not work I think,
My only solution so far is to terraform a very deep hole at the base of the turbine so it is ‘falls’ into it. This is obviously a poor solution, even if the hole is surrounded by trees to disguise it.

ESFM is closed and no longer present on the World Map