Monitor goes black - LG 32"

Hi Guys, I recently did a flight in Western Australia (no civilisation, just bush) YBRM to YPDN and about 1.5 to 2hrs into the flight the monitor went black. I could get it back by pressing the button that controls the funcitons of the monitor but it would go black again in around 30 secs or so.

I’ve ensured the latest drivers have been installed and checked out the manual and functionality of the monitor to see how it can be configured.

In Windows, it will happily stay on all day no problem. So it thought it was OK. I’d done a few flights to various locations and the monitor behaved. I then redid the flight that caused the issues and again it played up. Once it got the screen back, I exited the sim and it didn’t shut down again.

I’ve also flown the same flight in P3d with a study level aircraft (high settings) checked the performance along the way for CPU and GPU. CPU around 70-80% GPU around 30-40%. The flight completed with no issues.

I also repeated the trip in Xplane 11.50B2 with a study level aircraft and again no issues. I’m wondering if their are performance issues in MSFS that are causing the issue.

A bit about the monitor, I purchased it with the computer about 4yrs ago but couldn’t use it as I needed the one an only HDMI port on my GTX1060 for my Oculus Rift. There are only two ports on the monitor HDMI and SVGA. So I put it back in the box for a later date.

Recently I purchased a 2080ti and am very happy with the performance of the computer. All sims are “singing” with 70-80% CPU and low GPU values. Plenty of GRAM for use also. Previously the 1060 GPU was maxed out and the 6 gb GRAM was almost fully used. The 2080ti has two HDMI ports so I resurrected the monitor and started using it.

What do you think is causing the monitor to black out? Any thoughts on remedial action?