Monitor Upgrades

I started out with an ASUS VG27AQ monitor, got a second one, used the Nvidia Surround software and then got the ASUS Bezel Free Kit and only liked it just so, so. They are nice monitors but I’m considering the ASUS XG49VQ monitor 49" UltraWide, 3840x1080. Have any of y’all had any experience with this monitor in the sim? Running an ASUS TUF RTX3090-O24 GPU with an AMD R9 5950X Vemeer on an ASUS ROG Strix HERO VIII.

I can’t reply about XG49VQ but I recently got 34" Huawei MateView GT 3440 x 1440 GSync compatible
Work very well with AMD Ryzen 7 3700X & Asus RTX2070 super.
Less expensive


I’ve only just seen the Monitors from Huawei. They do look good. They have the 165hz? Is it the 27" (curved) model you have?

I have a Samsung QN32Q50R 32" TV/Monitor I tried but wasn’t impressed enough to keep using it. Liked the ASUS VG27AQ 27" monitor better but wanted bigger. Still want bigger. :roll_eyes:

It’s 34" monitor and Iset it to 144 hz instead of 165

If you are going to go with the 49’ monitor, get the 5120x1440 one…much nicer experience and you have the horsepower to drive it. Samsung G9 maybe.


Thanks. I’ll look into that.

Well, I studied long and I studied hard and ordered the Odessey G9 7T 240Hz, 1ms Response model. On Sale at Game Stop. 1099.Samsung Odyssey G9

I think you will enjoy that…and great price too! I have the earlier model, less curve and 120hz.

Roger that. I’ll give you a review. Got to modify my rack for the new Honeycomb Bravo. I ■■■■ near got 10 grand in this Sim rig :money_mouth_face:

Day 1 and I like it so far.
Samsung G9 49"

Did it impact your fps much? I have a 4090 but I am not sure how the fps is gonna be affected when using this monitor? I am thinking of getting one but I am not sure.

No and originally I had a 3090 so it’s good. I have a 4090 now. Good Luck.