Moon does not rotate with latitude, the 'rabbit' is always upside down

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The craters on the moon should be inverted in the southern hemisphere.

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Choose a day of the full moon, say 13th July 2022, and go to an airport in the northern hemisphere, then one in the southern. The moon looks the same, it’s always the northern hemisphere moon you see. See this graphic that shows how the moon should look:


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All of them

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Excellent observation. Thanks :+1:
This makes me think there’s no modelling of planets, stars and celestial bodies. How could they miss that? Don’t forget sending to zendesk too folks.

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Actually, the moon is correct. The moon does not rotate when viewed in the southern hemisphere. The moon itself is exactly the same. What rotates is the relative orientation of the observer. Therefore for a proper sim experience, users in the southern hemisphere should do their simming while standing on their heads. Then all will be proper. :0{P

Can’t you see the car flying over the eaves and walls? The moon in the sky, do you look carefully? Admire admire

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As far as I can tell moon phases are spot on with real life as is it’s position and all planetary movements including retrograde are correct, stars also seem correct. There are people doing celestial navigation in the sim right now.

Venus, Mars etc are all where they should be and move as they should. Of course you cannot zoom in on them and see the actual planet in a close up view, not sure why you would want to.

This reported error, however, seems a genuine inaccuracy and is probably an easy one to fix.

The Heavens are modeled quite well in MSFS . Take a flight over the Pacific Ocean at night from KLAX. I was surprised the depiction was not bad. Im happy someone spotted this. Celestial navigation is a is getting to be a lost art.

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But the moon does not rotate!
It is made of cardboard and nailed in a height of ~10 miles above the flat earth.


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But… the Celestial Navigation does not actually use the Stars/Sun/Moon/Planets from the Sim. It calculates their positions on its own, and it SEEMS to visually coincide with MSFS. But not sure how accurate MSFS really is.

Moved to #bugs-and-wishlist:wishlist as it is currently by design and not a bug.

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Out of curiosity why was it by design?

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EDITED: (To be more ON-Topic)

If Asobo says it’s BY Design, then that their Design, and that’s what it is.

“By Design” does not mean it’s an Accurate Simulation design, but probably just a cost-effective design compromise

At the end of the day, while it may not be 100% accurate does it really affect anyone flying a Plane on earth.? Probably Not

BTW: A much clearer graphic that shows very clearly why it appears the other way up in the other hemisphere.
It’s not the moon that has changes, but rather the “way up” that the North & South observers have of the moon.

Someone at the equator, will see the moon , mid way between those UP & Down UP & Down - a lot more obvious when it s not a Full Moon.

But YES, It’s not right, and a vote-able thing to Request gets fixed, so I will support the OP, and vote for the correction, (without holding my breath)

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the moon, I live in southern hemisphere, and literally just crosschecked with the stellarium APP, the moon looks exactly the same as it should, same phase and same orientation.

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Looks like they fixed this huh?

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So nice when your wishes come true … :wink: :+1:

So, if it is Fixed, so because this particular Wish has been “Granted” with a solution, can this particular Wish Thread be closed, so as not to clutter the list of the other current wishes ?

That is what happens with wishes are implemented or bugs are fixed, they get closed and moved to Resolved :slight_smile:

We’re just waiting for some confirmation that it has been fixed before we do that with this thread (we like to wait for official confirmation, a fix being present in patch notes, or several users reporting fixed so as to not prematurely close topics)

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OK, so lets start to put this to bed.

Let me be a User reporting this “as Fixed”, with screen shot proof.
(assuming it was ever broken in the First place - difficult to go back a year to MSFS as it was then and repeat this test)

DIFFICULT, but not “Impossible” if one has years of MSFS backups !!


Conditions: MSFS SU13 beta (as of 9/14/2023)
Both screen shots taken at the same UTC Time.

Airport !: EGLL - Heathrow London (Norther Hemisphere)


Airport FACT -Cape Town South Africa (southern hemisphere)

FACT -S.HEM  30 sept 2023

Moon is Rotated as it should be, because from Earth, a person standing in the Northern Hemisphere, as views from the moon, would appear to standing another way up on earth to a person standing on the earth in the Southern Hemisphere,.


Ironically, IF the world was FLAT, (as some people still think it is !!), then the Moon would appear to be the same way up for everyone, no matter where on earth they were looking from,


Finally, debunked…

Great to see this is fixed, thanks all for pursuing this. If you see my original post I took a screenshot from New Zealand, and you can zoom into the moon and see it’s a northern hemisphere view of it.

The other interesting question is does the game get moonrise and moonset correct ?