Moon Reflections Are Always Full

This is just a little issue; not something I’d want Asobo to be too concerned about right now. But, eventually, I’d like to see this issue fixed. Moon phases are always accurate, but the moon’s reflection is always full.


Has anyone experienced flying over water during a waning crescent moon only to have a full moon reflection coming from the water?


No, I had the plane and moon and everything!

Well if you hadn’t have put a screenshot - I wouldn’t have believed it! :joy:

UPDATE: Oh it’s your first post, well then you get a life haha. I’ll have a look but I suspect you are correct the reflected image is just another rendered scene in lower detail so they might well have just used a full moon.

UPDATE 2: Full moon in reflections on plane and water.


Amazing shot.

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Yes I also am getting full moon reflections on water with a Waxing Crescent moon phase in the sky.

Yes it’s heavily over done and needs tweaking for sure:

Yes, I noticed it too. Also, once, I noticed the reflection even if it was behind clouds.

But, let’s say I don’t really mind. If they fix it, fine, otherwise, I have plenty of nice places to explore…

I just noticed this last night flying the JustFlight Piper Archer. Literally same moon conditions. That seems like an odd thing to be “off”. I’ve no idea how this actually works but seems like it could be fixed at some point. Got my vote.

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At ENSB (Longyearbyen) airport I unfortunately didn’t spot an aurora borealis (which I hoped to encounter) but another interesting optical phenomenon:

Sounds like another job for Mr Raymond Tracing, boy is he going to be busy.


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Long shot - is your render scale set to 100?
Just wondered if the floating light issue may also be doing something screwy with the moon reflection… :thinking:

Still an issue even after SU8:

Moon Simulator 2020 :grinning:

This one bugs me too, but nothing more than bridges with the solid walls under them.

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