Mooney M20R "Speed brake lever" mapping? [Solved]

do you know how to map them? I can only activate via mouse.
They are really nice to use to slow down this thing on final or descend! It’s too fast =]

Map it to spoilers.

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I tried with spolier toggle and spoiler axis with no luck.
Maybe i did something worng?
Maybe spoilers on/off keybinds are available…
Now on mobile cannot check.

Spoiler toggle should work. Don’t have the spoiler axis also bound. Also check if the key or button you’re using is bound to some other function. Otherwise I don’t know what else to tell you.

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You were right.
-Spoiler axis didn’t work
-Spolier arm … is the want i probably tested yesterday.

Ah yes, fortunately MSFS alert really you if something is already mapped =]

Where do you find the speed brake lever on the panel to use with a mouse?

Behind the electric trim on the yoke.
Red button.

Thank you!

Try Numlock/Divide (backslash). It works for me on the Caranado Mooney in MSFS