More birds please

The atmosphere is incredible. But I think it would be even better if we could see birds pass by when bush flying and when flying at lower altitudes.

And bird strike… :crazy_face:


yeah why not :smiley:

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only if option to limit them would hate to fly into a flock of migrating geese in my c172

Where are the birds?
In this day and age can we not simulate a seagull hitting a windscreen at 300mph?

There are seagulls and geese - just search the main flight setup screen for “fauna” - no windshield impacts though.


Thanks, I’ll do that.

What about a wasp in the cabin?!

I see yes, they are in specific locations though.

Maybe they’ll get around to random birds on the runway in the future hopefully.


birds can be found in the real life all over the world, but in the sim is not easy to find.
It will be very realistic if you could find them at any moment

Bird strikes are a very real and common aviation hazard so I think they may find its way into the sim eventually but in the meanwhile it would be nice to see more birds around airports.

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Based on how Asobo rolled out lightning? Remember when we had lightning EVERYWHERE, almost AT ALL times?

So, they roll out bird strikes. All of a sudden, EVERY flight you have will end up with a bird strike.

No, I will pass. :wink:

I love to see several birds pass by when I fly at low altitude and it gives an incredible realistic look.

I would like to reach a maximum number of votes

You might rethink your wish if you go to a FAUNA POI with birds. Massive FPS drop due to spawning 750 AI birds as soon as you are within 30nm and besides that craziness, there seems to be a bug that prevents all 750 AI birds from ever unloading untill you go back to main menu.

I’d love a working autopilot

But you can’t always get what you want.


if we try nothing we have nothing

As slider option under Traffic > Land and Sea Traffic? Why not?
In a few years CPUs and GPUs will be fast enough. I vote for it. :+1:t2:
Everyone should be allowed to experience a bird strike. :wink:

Cactus 1549, turn right heading 2-8-0, you can land Runway 1 at Teterboro…