More CTD’s After the Hotfix

The title says it all really.

Once I’d got my 3rd party stuff as up-to-date as I could I found the game to be pretty stable after SU5. I installed the hotfix on Sunday and sadly it’s totally unplayable now. I really hate to say that because that word is being banded around WAY too much at the moment, but I use it in this context because I can’t fly much more than 10 minutes before it quits to desktop.

After a few minutes I’m seeing freezes of a few seconds. I get maybe three or four of these before the game dumps, something I have never seen before. I refuse to empty my Community folder because all of my add-ons worked just fine prior to SU5 (and indeed after), and most are payware. On that note, if the developers are going to make such large and un-notified changes to the code that it breaks third party add-ons to this extent then they simply must come up with a better way of doing it. The fact that SU5 broke the A320NX from the Marketplace aptly demonstrates this.

Is it just me? Has the hotfix actually made things worse for some people? I can say unequivocally that in my case it absolutely has.

Edited to add - I also can’t be bothered submitting Zen Desk tickets for these crashes. I shouldn’t have to be submitting bug report after bug report like this for a release build.

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Unfortunately, every update will make at least one addon either incompatible or redundant. If you really want to stop the CTD’s, you’re going to have to empty the community folder.

Completely agree with this though. Gave up a while ago on Zendesk. Usually find better help on the forums.

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It’s a fair point re the Community folder but I guess my point is that it was just fine prior to the Hotfix and without any changes other than the update it’s now a hot mess.

It’s such a shame because I think there was a lot of good stuff in SU5. Then there are elements that are an inexplicable tram crash and then some things that just no longer work.

I really hope they can fix it, and fix it soon. I don’t want to have to put it away until they do.

Very true. I’m sure they will release some sort of hotfix again… hopefully.

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