More high buildings since update

I’m french user of FS2020, so sorry for my english spoken.

I use to fly over my regin (Toulouse France) and since this new update, lots of commercial shop or company are replaces by high buildings. Before, the town was pretty well simulated but these very strange group of buildings with 10 or 15 stairs instead of normal shops (max one stair like normal shop)

Is there another users see this bug with his favorite region ? (i must say i have delete de cache file and recreate a nex one but without any changes)

Thank you

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You might have to re-enable the bing streaming data. The patch sometimes changes your settings.

I also tried disabling the Bing stream and reconnecting. but this did not change the situation in any way

Please use the search function. There’s a report already in the appropriate section called “bugs and issues”:

Feel free to vote and/or submit a zendesk ticket for it.


i tries activate/desactivate bing streaming but no changes. I also restarted the game when saving activate/desactivate but no way.
Other towns i know (like Montauban near 50 kms from Toulouse) also have high buildings instead of normal house.

@RockingCarton64 : glad to see i’m not alone with this bug

This problem got a temporary solution here: Buildings much too high in Patch

Hi there,
There will be a fix going into this next release this upcoming Tuesday the 13th. If it is not fixed after that date, I highly suggest logging a defect on Zendesk, if you have not already done so.

Not fixed in the new 13th update. Zendesk report is out.

It was fixed. Go into content manager, manually download Japan Procedural Buildings, and Japan Points Of Interest and restart the sim. Remove the mod.