More photogrammetry cities in World Updates/general

World Updates have been great bringing attention to hundreds of new places to discover, especially unknown and unique sites I otherwise would never have known about,

But I found the addition of new photogrammetry cities surprisingly small. Which is a bit of a disappointment as it’s one of the aspects I enjoy the most.

I’m sure there are reasons to why there aren’t a lot in each update, and yes there is a ton of addons. But I would be glad to see more photogrammetry cities to explore directly in the sim.

I’m sure this has already been posted, and probably for multiple cities besides the one I’m going to mention but are there plans to bring in more cities with photogrammetry? I know looking at cities like Dallas in the U.S it looks really off with some buildings like the basketball stadium looking like it’s photorealistic (with aac on the side) but all the rest of downtown Dallas is auto gen. Is this something that is planning on being filled by 3rd parties?


I think MS / Bing has gradually added more and more photogrammetry cities over time. I would imagine this would all just get rolled into the standard world updates.

Just my guess.

Per one of their most recent updates, we will all get map updates through out the year (once every quarter? once every month? I can’t recall) but they did already say this.

More Photogrammetry cities would be welcome.

USA outnumber in that but even Dallas, for instance, is omitted in Bing Maps PG and hence MFSF2020. Not included in the latest World Update II USA, either.

Major cities all around the world are mostly missing, too. ie London, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Sao Paulo etc.

I hope this will change and Bing Maps will add even more PG areas across the globe, thus increasing PG coverage on MSFS2020.

Agreed. The only cities I fly around are photogrammetry ones. The fake cities don’t interest me much.


Sadly that’s because they use Bing maps. I get why they do it, obviously Microsoft is not going to use a Google product when they have their own, but they are AGES behind what Google has accomplished. There are very few (if any) cities outside EU or USA that are modeled in Bing. I wonder if anyone actually uses Bing in real life.


Totally agreed! More PG cities! :blush:

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They’ve started to use BlueSky who also work with Google. So hopefully more PG locations are now available to them… hopefully in better quality then the last couple

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I didn’t know that, sounds cool! I thought BluseSky was only in Europe, but maybe I’m not informed enough. Anything that gets added is progress, so should be good!

I was just hoping that with the UK and France/Benelux Updates there would be a substantial addition of photogrammetry.

In UK: Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh / In France/Benlux: Le Havre, Nive, Lyon, Toulouse, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ghent and so on was all essential cites that missed out.

So would be interesting to what happens with the Nordic Update, if its going to be just Stockholm and Helsinki or a lot more

Google rocks when it comes to PG.

I have recently checked around Hawaii archipelago in Google Earth and amazed at the fact that the entire team of the isles are embroidered with PG in the most attractive way, from major towns to seaside resort villages.

I wish that Bing had natively covered as many places as Google does.

Whilst of course more PG locations with each update would be great. It’d be just as good if the PG locations they do choose to implement were covered better.

The majority of California is covered, with LA photogrammetry covering hundreds of miles. New York also covering a huge area.

Then London came along only covering 1/10th of the city (within the M25) & covering an area almost 15 times smaller then LA. Then Paris which cuts off a large area. They just feel poorly done compared to the base game PG.

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Yes the coverage is also been limited to the citycenters, they could at least been extended to the major airport like Heathrow and Schiphol

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I can’t agree more. Take Tokyo, London, Paris, for instance, and compare them with those in Google, they are all limited to downtown only in the updates.

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Yes limiting the PG to downtown only is quite an immersion killer once you get to the edge of it. I cannot understand why they are not just doing the whole city, when there is obviously PG data available for it.
Do they have to do the PG cities by hand?That would explain the slow progress. But it would still be better to do a whole city + suburban area then only downtown areas of multiple cities. And then maybe hire more people to speed up that process.

Please more cities in Photogrammetry…