More realistic ATC

Are there plans to make the ingame ATC more realistic? I would love to hear other players radio traffic when on the same channel


The most recent development roadmap simply says that there will be “update”. You can Asobo Conception Engine yourself as many ideas as you like about what that means… I certainly don’t know!

I hope they make it more realistic. As it stands now, it isn’t even as good as FSX from 14 years ago.


Current ATC was bad in the original release. With the last patch apparently they not only gave ATC new voices, but also brain damage. I’m really hoping that gets fixed.

Ditto with ground services. I tend to start cold and dark. Often, I’m up against a building. There’s a guy with a pushback cart right beside my plane. Either the option for ground services / pushback isn’t even avaiable in the menu, or when it is, they tell me that no pushback is available. My only way to leave my parking spot is to literally drive through the building. It’s a good thing they don’t have collision on, or that would make doing this unplayable.

And ground personnel on the field need to stop walking through planes, vehicles, into spinning props, etc. …


I wrote a satirical post about that back in the day. :wink:

I second the ground services. What I wouldn’t give for a GPU/start-cart in some places.

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Around airports and on decent ATC is giving incorrect and quite frankly dumb instructions. I hope this is getting attention.


In current state its simply impossible to follow ATC instructions when trying to descent and land. The descent instruction comes way too late or sometimes not at all


It’s hard to do an IFR flight when ATC is giving you idiotic instructions.

2 days back, I was doing a high altitude IFR flight with ILS landing in low visibility weather. On departure, ATC had me go to 10000, 22000, and 30000 feet, like it should have. On approach, it wouldn’t let me decrease altitude. Basically lined me up at the last transition while I was at 30000 feet and told me to land. As I start trying to descend, ATC was yelling at me that I was below my assigned altitude. lol


Hahaha…recognize that

I think that happens to a few stars in the ingame flight planner.
A couple of stars have wrong heights programmed. You see that if you go to navigation log in the menue.
There you see the heights of each point.
That’s why you have to carefully plan your route incl. Sids and Stars before you start your flight.

I didn’t think SIDs and STARs were even implemented in this game? I haven’t been able to choose them from any of the computer menus…

Yeah, they’re not implemented. Or at least not correctly if they are.

I mean…
In the ingame flightplanner you can choose your departure runway then a SID from it.
Same at the arrival.
And some of the Arrival path’s (STARs) have wrong heights programmed.
Thats why the ATC gives you wrong permissions.

Okay perhaps they are not accurate or uptodate like navigraph but these are SIDs and STARs in my opinion.

Yeah but I’m saying that you can’t choose the procedures in the FMS… My guess based on that is that they aren’t fully programmed in?

EDIT: I have only been able to choose approaches in the FMS, no SIDs/STARs. I concede I might be doing something wrong. I will have to go look again.

I think that implementation is incomplete. Where there are SIDs and STARs, you can select them from the flight planner before you load into the sim. But in many / most cases, you can’t select them if trying to input your route from your GPS / FMS. And even when you can, altitudes for said points are completely wrong. THey’re likely wrong when selecting from the main flight planner as well.

They are implemented, I use them quiet often. Just a reminder to set you cruse alt in the flight planner to match your FMC/GPS in sim.

Okay you are correct.
These are Departures and Aproaches.

You can also press Shift+P to toggle pusback without any need to contact ATC.

Might give you a slightly better experience.

… and how do you steer left or right?

Back in the FSX days it was like Shift+P+1 for left and Shift+P+2 for right. Not sure if that is still a thing. Other possibility would be to use slew mode to turn the aircraft around 180 degrees.

Sids and Stars are available in the flight plan menu when you select your runway and departre/arrival LOL