More realistic interaction with water (For all aircraft)

While I’m sure the team is working on making water-landable aircraft interact more realistically with water, especially with large waves, I do also think the non-water-landable aircraft should have some amount of interaction with the water.

My personal gripe is when bush flying, and trying to land a cub next to a river, when the wheel just touches the slightest bit of water, at close to 0 vertical airspeed, the plane “collides” and crashes into the water. I feel like water should behave the same on all aircraft where interaction with the water causes huge amounts of drag instead. This would mean something like a cub would flip over if the wheels are dipped too far into the water, but skip along the top if handled carefully, and it could also allow for soft emergency landings in water with other aircraft.

I know this might be a very niche issue/request, but I’ll just throw it out there.


Can you make it please possible that you can fly under the Golden Gate Bridge an allow a Belly landing or ditching. I know that it is possible if you make damage in the settings out, but that cant be the solution.

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The damage model is pretty broken as it is. I have everything on realistic, but I turned off crashes and icing because it’s just not in a playable state right now. Icing will happen in warm temperatures and it won’t thaw. Crashes happen during normal taxi and pauses. I really don’t want to have to wait another couple of minute to reload a flight because the taxiway had a graphical seam in it or my aircraft over sped during active pause.

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Effects and seaplanes are expected in a future update and/or DLC. Maybe it will then be possible to replay “Sully”.
I didn’t try a belly landing on the ground either… Must do that.