Morse Code

Unable to hear morse code in most GA aircraft, I have reported this to Zen Desk. I noticed that the problem was noted last year, but the topic has been closed since January. Anyone have different info on this problem.

100% agree … The Nav Volumes are far too low.
Been like this from day 1

Unfortunately, few even feel the need to TUNE IDENTIFY TRACK, so it is not considered to be the priority that say REMOVING “Press any key to continue” was !!

Yet another reason to consider MSFS a GAME rather than a SIM.


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It seems that this should have been addressed since the problem has been noted before January of this year. Definitely not on the priority list. Yes, it is a small item considering the many other technical issues that need fixing, but it does interfere with the enjoyment aspect of the sim.

There is a POOR work around … set COM radio to about 20% Volume, nav radio to 100%, and them most of the audio sliders that are not Cockpit sounds, to about 20% as well in the Audio settings.

Then crank up the PC’s audio to compensate.

Then the Nav radio Morse appears to be nearer the correct level .

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Thanks for the tip.:grinning::grinning:

Do you know that there was a morse code key on the right side of a spitfire cockpit. It could key two lamps on the top and bottom of the fuselage to save breaking radio silence. Send morse with the right hand and fly the plane with the left!!

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yes is an issue, you cant hear it.

Anyway, as MSFS hasnt even looked at the failures list (ie. VOR failing like in Xplane) is kind of useless in the sim as the VOR is always working. Breaks the inmersion and training I fully agree.

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