Most Amazing WEATHER Yesterday! Was it the update?

Started up the sim in the Caribbean yesterday (TVSA), checked the METAR and it said temp 30, dew point 25. What does that mean? Fog potential. Well, it started off clear, but as time went on, indeed, low visibility started settling in. Did a round-trip flight with a buddy of about an hour, and by the time we got back to the departure airport it was your typical Caribbean, low-visibility soup. Then the rain hit as we were coming in to land. It was absolutely AWESOME! Then when we got done I pulled up the satellite for the area, the rain had just started moving in as we were flying. Live weather was SPOT. ON!

One of the most amazing experiences! We were both blown away. Wondering if this had anything to do with the small update yesterday or if it was just AIRAC?


It was just an AIRAC. The weather always seems to look pretty good to me. Don’t know why some people have a bee in their bonnet about it. When you remind yourself what it was like in the other sims past and present then you realise how lucky we are


The reasons why people are complaining about the state of the weather should get pretty clear when starting to read some of those threads - all of them have a right to exist because they actually point to problems people experience and see - including me. The reasoning behind “today is better than yesterday, therefore let’s not try to make tomorrow even better” will eventually bring all development to a halt.

However, the weather can and does look, feel and be ultra realistic and “live”, as witnessed by OP, no reason to deny that. On the other side, the weather in msfs can also be the complete opposite, as witnessed by many others.

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Hope you realise that the backlog these devs have is colossal. Both bug fixes and evolution/feature requests etc.

Revisiting the same thing over and over and over again while its at an okay (to great) state is what will hurt us the most.

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I’m pretty sure it is.
The problem is that we then come into the area of priotizing different things and we both probably agree on that everyone of us will have quite different priorities when it comes to problems that need fixing and the devs have their own priorities. That doesn’t mean that one area is less important than the other.


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