Most Zendesk Issues Recently Marked "Solved"

I have created slightly over 2 pages of Zendesk reports, about 1/2 of which were still open prior to release. Today I was going to update several I’d noticed had been solved between beta and release, and noticed that pretty much all my bug reports are now marked “solved”. Yay!

NOTE: for them as ain’t read the fine print of Zendesk, “solved” doesn’t necessarily mean fixed right now. It simply means Asobo has added the problem to their internal bug-tracker. IOW, they acknowledge the problem and are working on it, or will work on it someday as priorities allow. Maybe these will be in the upcoming patch, maybe not. Still, seeing issues get marked “solved” is a positive sign.

So, if you’ve been filing Zendesk reports but haven’t checked back on them lately, go have a look. You might be pleasantly surprised at what’s now “solved”.

Some of my things recently marked “solved” are as follows:


  • Caravan power and prop lever behavior
  • King Air’s inoperative baro knob on the central console
  • Significant issues with the Weight & Balance tabs of several planes (improper CG location, no baggage, incorrect MTOW, etc.)
  • Icon A5 inability to extend gear in the water
  • VL-3 flight model issues (could turn forever, didn’t spin easily enough, variable roll rate)
  • Improper taxi behavior of planes with castering nosewheels


  • Caravan NAV mode overshoots and snaking
  • Only the 1st of several custom waypoints being displayed on the navmap
  • VL-3 accepting autopilot commands even though it has no autopilot
  • Spurious loops and circles being drawn in waypoint paths
  • Lack of GPS-derived virtual instrument panel and HSI displays on Garmin aera 795/6 (in the Icon and several other LSAs)


  • Adding water runways at a couple of land airports, making them functional seaplane bases.


  • LOTS of broken, missing, or improperly rendered bridges in Louisiana
  • Lots of missing industrial plants in Louisiana
  • Roads drawn smeared on hillsides instead of having flat roadbeds (all over the world)

Now, if you don’t see your pet peeve on the above list, sorry. For instance, I don’t know anything about airliners, don’t fly them, so haven’t made any reports on them. I leave that to folks who know what they’re talking about. Still, I hope at least some of these bring joy to most.

As for my own self, while I consider all these things important and am thankful to see them getting fixed, I’m probably most excited by the several important changes that affect the playability of the Icon. It appears that now we’ll be able to taxi into and out of the water, which will be HUGE! Plus, at least a couple actual seaplane bases are in the works, if not more. On top of this, adding the missing functionality to the Garmin in it will finally give the plane a VSI and more discrete altimeter, plus make navigation using the moving map a lot easier.

And finally, 1 of my issues isn’t marked “solved” but tech support has been talking to me about it, so they’re working on it. This is the problem in the Pitts where it sometimes jerks your head in and out of the canopy, which largely makes that plane unflyable for me. YMMV (seems to be more severe if you raise the camera position).

What sorts of stuff have you all seen on your Zendesk lists. Try to keep this positive, don’t complain about stuff that’s not “solved”.

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Same here. Here is what is marked solved:

  • Can’t pause TrackIR without the view going back to neutral
  • Can’t fly with keyboard
  • Side slips are not realistic

I’m particularly glad to see side-slips getting some love. That’s a biggie! And somehow I kept forgetting to report it myself :wink:

This and the flight model things I reported are cause for optimism. While the flight model is pretty good in the climb/cruise/descent regimes, IMHO it’s always had issues at the edge of the envelope. All planes have seemed too “floaty”, too hard to spin, and of course side slips haven’t really been a thing at all. So I’m cautiously hoping we’ll see some across-the-board improvements in these areas.

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Asobo recently returned to work from holidays?

Doubtful. As a former game dev myself, I can say that release isn’t the end of the job, it’s actually a new beginning. So no matter how hard you’ve been working for so long to get the product out the door, and REALLY want to take a break from it, you can’t. Release, by exposing the product to zillions of people, all with different systems and mental abilities, ALWAYS results in a tsunami of bug reports. Sorting out the real issues from the user mistakes, fixing the real problems and educating the ignorant, involves harder work for longer hours than even the last-minute rush to meet the release date.

So, the game’s been out 2 weeks now. Most of that time, Asobo has been dealing mostly with those who can’t get the game to download, install, or run. Along the way, they’ve no doubt identified some things they need to fix on their end, to go into the 1st patch. And now they have some time left before the patch to start looking at more detail issues. In addition, they also needed to clean up Zendesk. Lots of duplicate reports, lots of issues fixed between beta and release that needed to be marked closed. So some of this was just housekeeping. Still, a lot of it (at least in my case) seem to be real issues getting fixed (in this patch or down the road).


I’m assuming that bugs relating to installation and running the game in a stable manor will be first. Fixes to flight model, aircraft, airports, scenery, etc will happen after the majority of installation, crashes, and major performance bugs (like SimConnect) are fixed.

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