Motherboard options Z690 chipset

I am in the market for a new mobo for a 12900KF that I wish to overclock to some extent and there has been some discussion that VRM (voltage regulator monitor) requirement ps for the 12900k over clocking can be a little stiff.

Can anyone tell me whether this board would be suitable please? :

ASUS PRIME Z690-P DDR5 WIFI or even the MSI PRO Z690-A DDR5

I do VR and am planning to have a 30 series GPU at some stage.

No idea but I pretty much swear by MSI these days … they just ooze quality and are always well thought out regarding slot positions and cooling clearances.


Why not wait for the MSI Z690 Godlike?

Anyone got any useful information on a good value Z690 series for VR?

There customer support is the best I’ve experienced as well!

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