Motion Rig support

When can we expect support for motion rigs?
Thanks for any answers

Once the simconnect issues are sorted I suspect youll see this with FSUIPC and others.

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Good to know, thanks for your reply

Will it works over SimTools? I’m about to spent some money in a Motion Platform and I hope it will be possible.
Thanks @bpendz8811

Which one are you thinking about? If you don’t mind me asking.

The one I have bought is the NJMOTION SV-2 Reinf.

I think this is the best for Flight Simulation.

Looks great, let’s hope it’s all gonna work out well, I would be surprised if it didn’t at some point. I have faith in Asobo,
I have the DOF Reality P3, had it for a while now, great motion platform for its price.


I’m using the Next level racing v3 motion platform, works great with fs2020! I just select the fsx profile in the platform manager software, and click on the activate tab without choosing the open game tab. Then open fs2020 and it works.

Wow, that is great news. Haven’t bought the game yet, waiting for VR.
As soon as I get it, I will try it with the DOF Reality P3 and its FSX profile :crossed_fingers:
Thanks for your input.

Today Next level have updated their motion platform manager software to include a new MSFS2020 profile!

This weekend FlyPT Mover provided an update to activate motion with FS 2020. I am using a 4 actuators SFX motion system. This is a new level of immersion. I posted this short clip of me discovering the joy of motion with FS.

Hello, i am the author of the Motion Plugin for FS2020 for Simfeedback for use with the SFX-100 DIY Motion platform.

I just wanted to let you guys know there is also a plugin available.
Since the plugin was developed during alpha and beta already, we have a stable state.

More information about SFX-100 and Simfeedback:

Download the Telemetry Provider here:

Have Fun, be Safe

Just curious, are you guys getting the stutter/freezing every 10 seconds or so related to simconnect and motion platforms? I’m currently using simtools, but I’m considering trying something else.

I have an SFX-100 based platform I built.

I have been using the SFX100 on Windows 10 for a year in my driving sims and loving it. Just got a new PC with Windows 11 and the SimFeedback Software won’t run. Is there a way to get my SFX100 working on W11?

Can probably use FlyPT…

It’s what I use but I have a thanos controller, I believe it should work with the SFX arduino though. Works fine in W11.

Just an update here, switching from SimTools to FlyPT solved my stuttering problem. Smooth as glass.