Mount Rushmore location

Now that there is a mod for Mnt Rushmore. What is the closest airport in MSFS 2020 to fly into and use as a base for sightseeing.

Rapid City regional airport (KRAP) is the closest according to a simple Google search…

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Where it is this mod?

Check under the heading “Hot Files”


In the World Map/flight planner, you can do something like this - the custom waypoint being the coordinates taken from Goolge Maps for the location of Mount Rushmore (or you can even start a flight at the location of Mount Rushmore or simply have it as your destination point). To paste the coordinates into the search bar of the World Map, use Ctrl+V. The coordinates I have used here are 43.879217,-103.457908. Custer State Park Airport and the Custer County Airport are closer than the Rapid City Airport as well.

Thanks for the link. I hope there’s not too much freeware available only at that site, lol. I’m getting 123KB/sec download speeds and I’m on a fiberoptic network. I haven’t taken this long to download 60 MB in about 15 years.

That site caps speeds unless you have a paid membership - if I remember correctly. But they’ve always been a great source for addons. I even have a couple of things uploaded there from my days in FS9.