Mounting a Logitech Pro Yoke 'Under' a desktop?

Does anyone know of any brackets available or ways to mount a Logitech Pro Yoke ‘under’ a desktop ?

I’m wondering if heavy duty, double sided 3M pad adhesive pads would be strong enough ?

They can be a sod to pull apart once set, but I imagine gravity, humidity, heat, cold etc would see it crashing to the floor eventually.

I am loathe to drill holes in my desk or the yoke.

Any good sheet metal shop should be able to fabricate what you are looking for. I would stay away from Velcro or adhesive pads.

We have a small motorhome. Other owners are mounting solar panels to their roofs using 3M double sided tape. I’m sure there is a double sided tape that would hold the weight of our controllers against gravity. Look for 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape. Your biggest problem would be getting it apart when needed. Let us know of your solution.

There is such a thing but it’s a bit pricey:

But it looks like you need to drill holes underneath your desk, which is not what you wanted. However, there may be a way using g-clamps.

And there may be cheaper ones on the market.

I have a roll of the VHB tape. It takes 24 hours to really set, but I know it can be hard work to separate once it cures. I might try it.

I got a pair of C clamps and cut down the screws and put rubber on the ends to crank them down.

I put felt pads on the ends to protect the device and the desk

Took about half an hour and cost like 20 bucks and it’s rock-solid.

Goes on and off in a jiffy.

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i unscrewed the screws on the top plate of the yoke. I then got a strong piece of wood, drilled holes to match, and attached to the yoke surface. This piece of wood was larger than the yoke and simply drilled holes on the ends and back and attached under desk. Holds firmly. Gorilla tape, velco and industrial double-sided tape were simply too weak for the force of the yoke’s movements.

Great ideas, thanks chaps !

The clamp idea looks good and also is not permanent which is great

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