Mouse cursor attached to head in both eyes after changing view

After update 5 I am having this issue where after I change to the exterior view and back the mouse cursor becomes ‘attached’ to the center of both eyes. Moving the cursor away with the mouse is the only way to get rid of it. It happens every time I change my view.

It also happens if I leave my mouse on an interactive cockpit instrument sometimes, except it displays a white dot in the center of both eyes. Again, moving the mouse gets rid of it.

OS: Windows 10
MSFS Version: Steam
Graphics card: RTX 2070 Super
VR Headset: Valve Index


Same for me. Hope this gets attention.

OS: Windows 10
MSFS Version: MS Store
Graphics card: RTX 3090 Founders Edition
VR Headset: HP Reverb G2

This sounds as if it could be quite useful. Assign left mouse click to one of your joystick buttons and hey, presto, you have a view-controlled cursor. No more mouse required :smiley:

Lol unfortunately it isn’t like that. It looks more like you have mouse cursors glued to your eyeballs.

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Same issue here:

I posted about it as issue #2 in this thread. Hopefully this gets addressed asap.

But neither of you posted in the bugs section so you cannot get votes so they will most likely miss it. :confused:

But it happens to me as well. Same with the white dot by the way that represent the gamepad cursor, it sometimes appear when my mouse is locked on an instrument and I move my head.

I cannot see this in the bugs section. Did anyone report it there yet? I would also like to vote for this one as to be honest VR is unusable for me and my family due to the mouse icon appearing right in the middle of vision. All it takes is a slight move of the mouse, or changing views among one of many things, that cause the mouse icon to appear and disrupt the game.