Mouse cursor not disappearing

After installing SU6, my mouse cursor does not disappear after a few seconds, like before. All I can do is move it out of view, but it does not hide or disappear.

I’m having the exact same issue. The mouse cursor just doesn’t go away. It’s really annoying.

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I am as well

I was running into this issue intermittently when I did a quick flight in VR earlier.

I seem to be able to trigger this occurring by using the VR focus (zoom) towards the main windscreen rather than on the instrument panel. I was able to get the cursor to disappear again, in the way it should, by re-using VR focus (zoom) on a random cockpit instrument.

What fixed it for me was pressing the middle mouse button.


Neither zooming nor middle mouse button resolve this for me. I’ve opened a topic for this in the bug section. Please go there and vote!

There is a free program called “AutoHide Mouse Cursor” that I use. I set the cursor to disappear after 2 seconds. Works flawlessly.

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