Mouse disappearing

When I side shift with my arrow keys my cursor disappears and then ends up at top left of my screen. Any ideas

have the same issue. mouse texture is missing.


this is mentioned a couple of times here allready:

I am having the same issue, going between two screens cause the mouse to disappear randomly. Comes back after a short time but still disappears on main monitor. Since posting this reply, I have noticed what happens with the cursor. There is a conflict between my controller and the mouse itself trying to decide which pointer is best. It also has something to do with 2 monitors as well, the mouse always disappears into the upper left hand side of the primary monitor even if I haven’t moved the cursor to the second monitor. (Aug 15, 21.)

Yes, can confirm when using two monitors. Voted.

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Confirmed the mouse disappears as soon as the game is active even in full screen mode. No cursor what so ever in windowed mode. Dual monitor setup. 770 GTX (i know).

Software QA for 22 years. Do they need some help? I am retired and would gladly help.

Edit: Possible work around found. I connected my Xbox controller to the PC and tried to use it instead of the mouse. As soon as I did the mouse appeared and stays (so far)

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Same here. Workaround for me is to enter the menu by pressing ESC and revert back to the game

Getting this as well, using the same workaround as @PfadIngwer02

Same problem. I use the same method to get back the mouse.

lovely to see this issue still exists, …well seem to works on xbox so who cares.

I hate to bring this up again, but the issue just happened again. Unfortunately not event he workaround worked anymore since my mouse did not show up even in the menu. I had to ALT-F4 to quit the sim.