Mouse in VR does not align with instrument knobs

Hi all,

I love flying MSFS2020 in VR but I notice when I want to turn a knob in the cockpit I have to move my mouse about an inch to the right, then I will see the label appear and I can turn or push it. It happens with more than 1 plane.

Any ideas?

its normal with a few planes. just close left eye, and it will focus … I have the same problem with the mooney m20, work in progress me thinks

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That is a funny answer to me … I am blind in my left eye. This might be the reason it is off. But I don’t have this with other flight simulators.

Most people reporting about this since the VR release find they have to close their right eye instead, the mouse cursor behind aligned for the left eye only.

the only solution for asobo

2 month for patch it… tell me how to resolv :))

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Dominant eye and mouse cursor position - Bugs & Issues / Virtual Reality (VR) - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Seriously , i like to smile, but, how its possible vs xplane no add controleur or menu to adjust zoom of the mouse , ? i check you link but i cant find the solution.

bug in other update again?
honestly im demand if its no better to close all eyes … in vr :confused:

Im happy to nice graphic, its over… maybe 45% is bug…
why you dont use BETA patch for check if not errors, the same of xplane?
All patch = news bug…?

no seruously im buy 15000€for strong power machine !!! Xtal 64 giga , and i think i go to xplane for stable pilote

honestly im happy for great graphics , colors, sunday , weather… and were is the serious for the patch. you update UK ?? ok nice , but you simulation is over bug :frowning: priorities bug and after graphic the same of xplane… plz

Here it is not childrens , i think its 40 years , if you make simulation only for Arcade gaming xbox plz, Write is ! the simulator is only arcade ! no for real pilote, or real player like simulation !

When you write close one eyes for see mouse, honestly , its good for you? for you publicity ?
Honestly I would be embarrassed to write , close one eyes ^^
I hope Asobo build Strong patch !

Sorry for my bad english so im french , et dommage que je ne peux pas parler en français pour asobo :frowning:

Vous pouvez toujours écrire en français et ensuite utiliser le traducteur automatique inclus (l’icone de mappemonde) [pas mal la traduction non?]

You can always write in French and then use the included automatic translator (the world map icon)

Aaaah i know deepl its nice too :wink: