Mouse inactiv in cockpiview

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But everything works normally in the exterior-view. New profile created (see picture) - no change. Radio mouse replaced by cable mouse, driver updated - no success. All inputdevices uninstalled exept keyboard and mouse, system restarted - no success. Sometimes I use sometime a second screen. Suddenly a touch pointer profile slip in the control Options (see picture). I don’t know why?!
Could you help me please?

Z390 AORUS Master, Intel i9-9900K @ 3.60 GHz, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti (479.09), Monitor 3840 x 2160 – 60 Hz, Honeycomb - Alpha Flight Controls, T.Flight Hostas X Thrustmaster - T.Flight Rudder Pedals, Bravo Throttle Quadrant, Logitech M310 Maus, Logitech K520 Tastatur Windows 11, FSMS

The “Touch Pointer” is a profile for the Thrustmaster, but since you don’t have it plugged in, it is just a ghost image.
The profile exists, but the sim can’t contact your controller.

In “General Options” “Accessibility” “Cockpit Interaction System” are you in Lock or Legacy mode?

Many thanks for thr fast answer! :+1:
I’m in the classic (=lecacy?)-mode. The change to the lock-mode is without success.
Why ist the “Touch Pointer” not named to the Thrustmaster. It would not be so complicated!

Video Maussteuerung in der Cockpi- und Aussenansicht!

There is also this thread which may have some advice.

I too had to go to Legacy Mode to get mine working.
If I click on a different screen I must double Left click on the Sim Screen to gain control.
My 4k Screen I turned to 1080p Res in Game so that I could actually control FMS and the like.
When it was set to 4k Resolution I could not find where the mouse actually “WAS” even though I could see the Cursor over a control - but could not control anything.
Check your resolution and the sizing your setting along with it ???