Mouse not changing values for instruments since update

If I click on any button on the panel, the information will show but when I click to operate the button nothing happens. I:E trying to change any auto pilot settings nothing happens, heading, speed etc. click on the parking brake and it will show what it is etc. but it won’t operate when clicking on it.

My exact issue post UD5 and hopefully resolved in this one. There is a change to the mouse settings in the game for UD5, you might look over your settins and make sure all of them are modern, not legasy. Will not mention community folder, sick of hearing it. In UD5, Asobo, pushed out new profile for mouse, it change it’s operation, changing back to “think legasy” fixes issue. It did not for me, I removed game from PC and made sure all the code was gone. Now trying one last time to see if possible they got something fixed. Let us know.

Thanks. I have already tried legacy and that didn’t work. Went back to modern still have the problem.

Search “mouse and mouse settings” on this forum, someplace there was a post about a change to it, cannot now remember what exactly it was, it did hlep me but did not fix all issues.

What finally worked was to use the developer mode and update the SDK and then turn off the developer mode and it works again.