Mouse not working bug returns again on XBOX with Beta

Been a problem for me for months. Try disconnecting your keyboard altogether. Dont use it at all. Your mouse will likely work. I know it sucks not having the keyboard, but I can get around fine without it. Not having the mouse to click buttons in the cockpit is a mess.

Give it a try not using the keyboard until they can make it work like every other game developer figured out 40 years ago.

Do you have anything else plugged into a usb? I find if both my keyboard and mouse are plugged in the mouse sometimes doesn’t work. When starting the sim up, keep only the mouse in the usb and when you get to the main page plug the keyboard in.

I had the same problem before SU9 mostly with wireless mouses. The key to resolve everything is unplug your mouse, close the sim (using the panel, you need to fully close it to get a fresh start), then when you are in xbox home just plug your mouse back in and start msfs, everything should work properly. With SU9 I didn’t have this issue anymore, I just hope it’ll not come back with SU10!

On the Q&A, someone posed the question why are bugs that appear and/or reappear (regression) in the betas not addressed, but instead end up in the final release to be addressed in a future update.

Jörg seemed almost agitated by the question and said that they do address issues and that the further delay of SU10 is testament to that.

In the case of this mouse bug, I’d argue that the issue of not addressing new bugs or regressions isn’t quite as binary as Jörg is suggesting.

Here we are with .14 and the mouse bug is still present in the beta. The initial post was on July 11 and that was 5 weeks ago.

Please fix this.


Or that’s what Asobo are telling Jörg, instead of that there bad Dev’s and are having to relay on others (
coranaedo or others ( who ever it is that has done the bush flights since SU4/5) and the improvement models to fix or do stuff instead of them.

I’ve had a simple Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse combo (they share one of those tiny wireless USB transmitters) plugged in to the front USB port of Xbox X since May, with zero issues so far.

Maybe the only thing different than most people is I have uninstalled MSFS and reset Xbox several times since May in troubleshooting and beta testing MSFS - and perhaps this has avoided a bug, but in either case I have not encountered it.

I just launched the sim (.18) and immediately had no mouse control.

I really wish this would be resolved and stay resolved.

Good news is they logged the feedback so perhaps they can get a fix before the SU10 release hopefully.

Same here,unplugged Xbox power cable and switched power back on Without removing mouse usb ,and it got it going again.Strange it pretty much does this for me every time there is an update

I’ve got the SU10 final version installed, and this issue is still open. :frowning:


Yes sadly it is for me also😡,normally this mostly happens just the once after each update …sadly the problem has happened repeatedly for me today with a power out reboot solving it on the second attempt .This is definitely a small step backwards for me as I anticipate it repeating without having had an update,which is heading back to how it was a few SU’s ago.