Mouse Not Working - XB Series X

Hi, I’m aware this might have been posted before but just need to know it’s not only me with regards the use of mouse on the Series X. Opened up FS a few days ago and mouse worked great clicked on various boxes etc and opened up. Now nothing I get the mouse pointer but thats it. No click response at all.

Yes this is or was a fairly common thing ,happened to me continuously.The usual switch off xbox at mains then switch on again and startup msfs again,unplug (wired or remove usb wireless thingy ) and plug in again usually fixes it .For me for some reason I often had to remove the mouse and plug it into a pc ,check it works ,then plug back in to xbox and all was good for a few days…This was mostly permanently fixed for me after the update a few months ago.

The fix some people swear by is to switch to youtube or another game momentarily then switch back to msfs again but it never worked for me.

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Just restarted with the new update and guess what? Mouse worked great it’s been fixed. Joy only lasted a short while, Pointer disappeared and now mouse is in operable.