Mouse Not Working - XB Series X

Hi, I’m aware this might have been posted before but just need to know it’s not only me with regards the use of mouse on the Series X. Opened up FS a few days ago and mouse worked great clicked on various boxes etc and opened up. Now nothing I get the mouse pointer but thats it. No click response at all.

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Yes this is or was a fairly common thing ,happened to me continuously.The usual switch off xbox at mains then switch on again and startup msfs again,unplug (wired or remove usb wireless thingy ) and plug in again usually fixes it .For me for some reason I often had to remove the mouse and plug it into a pc ,check it works ,then plug back in to xbox and all was good for a few days…This was mostly permanently fixed for me after the update a few months ago.

The fix some people swear by is to switch to youtube or another game momentarily then switch back to msfs again but it never worked for me.


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Just restarted with the new update and guess what? Mouse worked great it’s been fixed. Joy only lasted a short while, Pointer disappeared and now mouse is in operable.

Hi, I have an Xbox series S and cannot get my mouse to work with it. It comes up with a black donut shaped pointer but I cannot click on anything. I have tried rebooting, replugging etc with no joy. Can anyone help?


Go back to Xbox homepage and open any other game or app then hopp back to flightsim via quick resume.
Keep your devices plugged in while that.
This helps me for 90% the cases.

Unfortunately it’s a bug existing on Xbox since the sim was released.

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Thanks I’ll try that… In my case sometimes when I startup msfs the mousepointer is visible but frozen…(happens once every 4 or 5 times I start up the sim) The ony thing to do is close the sim AND turn off the Xbox . Then start the Xbox and msfs up again and the mouse will work normaly… It’s a very annoying problem… And amazing it STILL is not fixed after all this time. They can simulate airliners, weather and the whole world but they can’t get a simple mouse to work ?? :smiley:


I have been plagued continually by this,unplug xbox but leave usb or wireless usb attached and restart usually works,and pushing xbox button on controller/yoke and clicking on youtube or any app then clicking msfs again to quick start usually also cures it ( never used to work for me but does now for some reason?),it is so random that they probably can’t find the fault.

The answer is to click a mouse button at the loading screen when it says press any key. Failing that, unplug the mouse and plug it into a different usb port.

Ï tried other usb ports… didn’t help. often the loading screen does not say “press any key” …it just loads… I found it makes no difference sometimes I have to press a key and the mouse is frozen and sometimes I have to press a key and it works fine…also when it skips the “press any key” part… things will work or not work… The mouse usually freezes when the startpage with the worldmap is loaded… during loading it does work… also it can stop working after an hour of flying or so… while it was working fine at the start…

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Sorry but what you say does not work and for those who have not got a spare slot and I’m one - 2 rear taken up with mouse and keyboard and front one Flight stick. The only solution I have found and even then might have to a couple of times is close FS and start again.

Just can’t understand how a simple thing like this mouse problem they can’t sort out, even when on an update some time back they said this had been fixed. We can send men to the international Space Station, but can we get a mouse work in flightsim? Answer NO

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Thanks for all the suggestions. They all work at some point or another. My latest episode was fixed by swapping the mouse profile to something then back to default. That’s was after trying all the above plus reinstalling MSFS to no avail.

(Xbox Series S)

This is the most frusatrating $71 experience. I cannot get my mouse to do anything. I cannot find a way to add two commands for a single tool. I cannot get easy access to a manual to help me step-by-step to figure out how to navigate through MSF. I am sure there are answers, but they are difficult to find.

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Absolutely infuriating. Mouse has been working fine for last few days and then tonight won’t work, then will work, and then half-way through flight I lose any functionality on mouse. What is going on?

Hey guys, hope you’re all great!

Not sure if anyone is still having trouble with the mouse not working on the Xbox, but it looks like I have found a way to fix it!

For now, it seems to be a pretty consistent workaround (at least for me). Here’s what I do:

  1. Unplug your keyboard from the Xbox, but leave the mouse plugged.
  2. Open MSFS only with your mouse plugged.
  3. Start the game and wait for the game to be completely loaded.
  4. Test if your mouse is working properly. If it’s working, plug your keyboard and you can play normally.

Ps: If it doesn’t work, try to close MSFS, reboot your console and try again, remembering to disconnect the keyboard. Also, if the cursor dissappear mid-game, just press the Xbox button on the controller and it should come back!

Hope it works for everyone! Please tell me if it helped anyone!

Have a safe flight!

February 2024 and Mouse Not Working - XB Series S again after the Carribean update. Anybody got an answer? I’ve used all the old tricks I used to fix it but to no avail. I thought they had this sorted.

Xbox s - the problem still exists.Ticket needs raising.

Ticket raised again

Hi, I don’t know if they have done something but the mouse is working now as is was before the latest update. Thanks for your interest. John