Mouse problems in VR since last update: no interacting with Menu possible

`I use the PC Microsoft MSFS Version and Reverb G2 as VR.
Problem: Since last update via Microsoft store, it´s not possible to interact with the menu bar: tower /map etc. When clicking on “tower” , for example, nothing happens. In the cockpit everything works finde with interacting an clicking on the knobs. Can anybody help? It´s frustrating that after every update sth. is not working correctly anymore. Why?? Are there no tests before launching an update?

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If you hit CTR+0 (zero) in vr it will start working


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TIP & TRICK: We need to set to default the mouse profile because of this way we can use both at same time, touch controllers and mouse. And with default profile the world globe round again with the left click.

Set your keyboard to default preset and then press CTRL+0 to activate toolbar clicks again. Press CTRL+0 when you are showing the toolbar with your VR headset. Tested and working!

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This was a known bug in the release notes….but very frustrating for sure. The left Control key +zero (the 0 on the top of the keyboard, not the number pad to the right) makes the mouse work again to interact with the menu at the top of the screen in VR. But it’s an extra step and hopefully this bug is fixed soon.

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Thanks for the tipp with CTRL + 0. It works again, even this extra step is now always necessary. I never had a simulator before with so many bugs and disfunction after new updates. I really hate the updates knowing sth. won‘t work and has to be fixed again! Boring!

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It’s been logged already:

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Weird. ctrl-0 does not even appear in the list of control options for mouse. Any idea what the ctrl-0 does or why this works. Thank you.

From what I understand it’s equivalent to going up to the menu bar in VR selecting the gear icon all the way on the right side and selecting reset menus.

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Even after Ctrl-0 it doesnt work in VR. Because every time I re-direct my view to look straight, my mouse doesn’t interact with the ATC window.
Fun of flying in VR is completely gone.

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This is a PROBLEM and I am getting fed up with EVERYTHING not working on nearly update. It is extremely painful, and it is clear that these things are being done to make Xbox more compatible, when, the two releases should’ve been cleanly separated and NOT part of the same system/program.

Either way, PLEASE stop changing so many of the important default actions on every update. At least make them stay the same for all users with the OPTION of changing them to something new later, as “features” are added…Please, for the love of all that is holy.


Thanks, this is exactly what I think about the updates and mess afterwards with disfunctions! It´s really frustrating !!!

I have the same issue and I know additional friend that with HP Reverb G2 that have same.
I try the suggestion of CTRL + 0 and it doesn’t work.
There is no any ability to fly a civilian airplane with this Bug.
The developer staff of MSFS 2020 need to learn from DCS staff how to develop and publish upgrade, they destroyed what was good !!!

I have the same issue. can’t enjoy and can’t use my Reverb G2 VR anymore because this issue, my friend that have same VR get the same.
I think that we mast Microsoft to take control ,because this look that they don’t give a sh… on what the users feel.

It doesn’t work !!!
I try it ,my friend try it , it doesn’t work.

Did you use the Control key on the left side of the keyboard and the 0 (zero) key on the top row of the keyboard? That is the only cntrl+0 combination that works for this trick, the other control and zero keys will not make the trick work (for example, you cannot use the control key on the right or the zero key on the keypad).

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I use the key Strg+0. The latest proplem with this combination is that the VR view changes and can only be corrected when pressing the keys again. It’s so frustrating. Sometimes the contollers don’t work…. Thank you Microsoft for such frustrating updates. Why??? No explainations! I spent so much money for the sim for nothing…

Yes I used the CTRL (mean the left CTR) key with the 0 (Zero) on the top row of the numbers.
It doesn’t Work!

Yes , I use the CTRL (the left CTR) with the 0 (Zero) on the top row of the numbers.

it doesn’t work and doesn’t fix the bug

Similar problem, but my view shifts 45 degrees to the right when I hit ctrl-0 to enable the mouse.