Toolbar broken in VR

Unable to select any of the toolbar items with left mouse click, also confirmed by other users

Only an issue since SU7 update, clean install with no add-ons

I see this is mentioned as a known issue in the release update notes, as someone who exclusively uses VR it’s very disappointing.

I guess it must only have been picked up last minute, hopefully a fix will be released in the very near future.


I’m having the same problem also. The Tab button still brings up the toolbar but when I click on any of the buttons nothing happens except the mouse cursor freezes up over the buttons sometimes. The mouse cursor returns to normal after exiting the toolbar thankfully.


Same issue. Also if you start a flight with atc chat enabled you cannot click it, move it close or minimise it. Pretty much means the game is not usable in vr until this is fixed.


i have the same issue, the sim runs like a dream in the f-18 landing challenge, but when you try to make a custom flight i cannot move the windows to another place, cannot click anything, so i am grounded :frowning:


Same issues here. It’s incredible the beta testing process is so fundamentally flawed. Don’t any of the beta testers use VR?


same here!

Same here. I believe the Beta testers did pick this up straight away and reported it but it seems there wasn’t enough time to implement a fix so hopefully a hotfix is inbound pronto!
Otherwise from a quick test in VR visuals / lighting look improved to me and running well.


i’ll do a test and try the VR controllers, maybe i can select something with them.

Same here. Grounded until a hotfix is released… Or until late January which will be the next update.

Let us know how you get on. I tried the Reverb controllers and can’t seem to select anything, not even any cockpit switches / buttons but need to look into it more.

great…just great… guess I will not fly till 2022 cause I’m sure they won’t deem this hotfix worthy!


Major Game Breaking Issue - Mouse not working correctly in VR needs a Hotfix please, this is NOT something that can wait until SU8.


Same problem. My G2 controllers were working fine, but toolbar menu was bugging out as others above have mentioned. I thought it might be a conflict with the mouse, so disconnected the G2 controllers and restarted, but it didn’t fix the problem.

I also can’t click to “hide” the on screen Yoke in the 208B Caravan, hopefully related to the LMB not working in VR in Cockpit


Unbelievable Asobo. Thanks to breaking the Sim completely for VR users. No charts, No checklists. No words!


Same issue here. Hopefully fixed very soon, pretty annoying.

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i really wonder if that is done intentionally, it really looks like a psychologic strategic plan to bring something nice and also put some bug in, so people freak out and discuss. Why would after every patch there be something new broken? that does not make sense, its a similar strategic plan like in the pandemic :zipper_mouth_face:


Same here.

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