No control in VR. Worst update ever! Unflyable

Using oculus 2 now mouse will not work. Can’t click on anything and even using hand controllers there’s no way to move menus like ATC box out of central view. Anyone know how to disable the hand controllers and get my mouse back working? Worst update ever for VR users


Same with Reverb 1 Pro…Worst update EVER! Totally unflyable without a bottle of Dramamine. In RL I never got airsick…Enter SU7 and puke!

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Using HP Reverb G2 cot the same issue , now is even worser

The same goes for me. Reverb G2 and Thrustmaster T.16000M in the setup. During flight, the ailerons and thrust can no longer be operated. Unplayable and unbelievable …

Is this your issue:

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HP Reverb G2 mousewheel functionality wont hide cursor. Instead it zooms. Weather radar in the TBM is broken straight lines. Tried several different aircraft and sim keeps crashing to desktop! FPS is worse and the game is unplayable! What a terribly untested update. There should be a way to revert!

I would love to roll back to V 6!! V7 is no really useable anymore!!! #self-service:pc-hardware

Unfortunately, this whole SU7 snafu seems to indicate basic QA was not even performed in VR.
Every single VR user stumbled on the toolbar and mouse issues within minutes.

I personally find this very sad.


I found a workaround for my setup, which is not the same, but similar; I have Reverb G2 and Logitech Flight Yoke/Throttle and rudder pedals. After upgrade everything went tips up with jumpy/flickering video and constant crashes (game just shuts down, even on safe mode). This workaround is just for the controllers part.

What I did is I created a second set of templates for each controller. The settings are exactly the same as the ones I used (I was ok with the “default” for everything), but I just saved a copy with a new name, let’s call them SET1/SET2.

If I find my Throttle, pedals or Yoke buttons are unresponsive before or during a flight, I just hit ESC and go to the controllers menu, there, I switch from SET1 to SET2, hit F11 (Apply and Save) and resume my flight. That seems to work 99% of times. If it happens again, I just repeat the process, this time switching from SET2 to SET1, save and resume again.

Not ideal and a huge pain in the ■■■■ to see how the Asobo guys broke VR on this last release, but at least with this workaround I don’t have to abort mid-flight everything the game just decides to ignore controls.

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