New update wrecked VR. ATC and checklist panel does not react to click command

After the new update, all my graphics/assistance/general settings get reset to default
To make things worse, now the software cannot detect click event to close UI panels.

(I use oculus quest2 + saitek x52 pro)

The software confuses itself by providing two mouse icons, but none of them can give click command to UI layer. The UI layer can get scroll list command, but not click command. The ATC panel and checklist panel automatically pops up at the start of the flight and now I cannot close these two panels.

Controller: Quest 2 controller, X52pro, mouse and keyboard
Dev mode: On

Step to reproduce:
1.Default setting after this update
2.I have to disable axis command for quest controllers as they conflict with X52pro’s axis, and if you place the quest controller and accidentally touch the quest axis it messes up with X52p’s axis.
3.Enter a flight
4. ATC menu and checklist menu pops up, none of these menu respond to click command form either X52’s mouse, keyboard, USB mouse or quest trigger


See Toolbar broken in VR

Please continue discussions there.