Tool bar doesn’t work in vr

When I click on the tool bar to change the weather or anything on the toolbar in vr nothing works neither the mouse or the controller even though it’s highlighted. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Everyone is experiencing this. Known issue. “CTRL-0” apparently fixes this for some people. It does nothing for me.

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Have you tried both "0"s on the keyboard?

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yeh i found only the left CTRL and the 0 on the top row works for me.

Hello, there is a similar #bugs-and-issues topic on the toolbar broken in VR. You can check this out here where some further discussion is taking place:

Feel free to add any additional feedback there.

Also from the known issues:

Clicking on the Toolbar does not work (mouse, VR controller)

You can also use the search function by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top navbar. This will allow you to look for existing/similar topics which may already cover your issue.

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Also, I can get the VFR map to show in VR but I can’t move it. It pops up in the center of my view and my only option is to close it.

That did it , thank you very much it was getting so frustrating

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I have the same issue…Cant use mouse in VR to close toolbars. This last update screwed all my keybindings up. I don’t know why with every update, we lose are controls