Mouse: Right (double) Click for stop and go freelook

requesting right mouse double click function
for stop-and-go the freelook.

how it should work:
right double click = freelook
right click = stop freelook


switching from looking around to clicking cockpit buttons should be one process.

it is an essential part of the piloting experience not to interrupt fly-look-instrument use
caused by hardware assignment limitations.

i use the mouse for looking around with my left hand on the table,
i do that when the throttle - also on the left side underknief the table is set to a stabile speed.
so my left hand travels between keyboard, mouse and throttle.
my right hand is bound to the Flight control stick.

to minimize uncomfortable acrobatics between the peripherals when changing from look around to handling instrument knobs, a mouse double click is the perfect solution.

“hold” - which is part of current assignments, is never a good solution, it is unpractible and binds the pilot’s attention and allows only incremental look around.

freelook to an instrument, stop it and do the thing you wanna do, then continue freelook immediately,
that’s how it should work.

such a stop and go freelook is not assignable yet in FS, and the (HOLD) requirement is very hated by users.

so what would you need to change?

current key assignment option:


should be changed into:

COCKPIT VIEW FREELOOK (double click right mouse button)
COCKPIT VIEW PAUSE FREELOOK (click right mouse button)

this works in the cockpit, just like with all external views.

In the unthinkable event of double click not being an option you want to chose, alternatively provide the following solution instead:

TOGGLE COCKPIT VIEW FREELOOK - click right mouse button

This tiny simple correction of the key assignment environment can improve the users experience as a hole for the next ten years.

As part of this request i propose the speed of looking around being raised by 50%, hand-eye coordination should be in perfect syncronisation, the feel of moving the mouse on the desk should translate in how much it actually moves the view in the game. one should not be slower than the other.
so, moving the mouse on the table by 15 centimeters should translate into a lookaround of 180 degrees, from left window to right window. Currently it is 90 degrees translation.
Thank you very much for taking this into consideration.

P.S. if my request is unclear, check out X-Plane where this stop-and-go function is default and makes the crowds happy.

I like it. I’m not real fond of the scroll wheel click and there doesn’t seem to be a mouse customization option. Plus I like the 1 click 2 click thing.

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mouse customization, that sounds nice.

scroll clicking is weird, you can turn off the fuel selector by accident in the middle of the flight while trying to zoom in the tank switcher. happens to all the time. i hope they take scroll click out. thanks for bringing it up, forgot to mention it. clicking knobs should be exclusively reserved to the left mouse button. However, i am not sure whether they understand the full range of interaction rules. A consequence of not scrolling knobs is that for the autopilot knobs they’d need to create a left click drag function to rotate the knob left, respectively a left click drag right to rotate the knob to the right, speaking of the knobs, altitude, heading, speed, you name it.
I think it can’t be done any better than x-plane’s IXEG B737 does it, why refuse to copy that proven method? Asobo did a great job with the environment modelling, but the whole Interface and Interaction system needs a complete overhaul. The current solution is a nightmare.

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I’m sure your right. I’m a budding simmer so I haven’t learned to use many of the buttons and switches as I’m starting to learn to at the moment. But when I do I want a fluid, easy to operate system.

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exactly, and intuitive.

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