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I’ve installed FMS on a small ssd disk how can i place the big community file on a different disk ?

See this post:

Once it is in the community folder it will be protected and encrypted and your PC will tell you that you cannot move it.

What you can do is zip the community folder and then you can move the zip and unzip it where you want to. You can then download the addon linker from and use that in future.

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MSFS App “Move” command.

Settings, Apps, MSFS, “move”.

No, in most cases it will not.
Only if the Community folder has been placed in virtual memory space will this occur.
But you are correct, when that does happen, zipping is the way to correct it.

I have a feeling there may be differences between the store and the steam versions as well, but can’t remember what they are off hand.

Thanks for your help.
Problem fixed

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Problem fixed