Move Garmin 1000 PFD and MFD permanently to a 2nd monitor

Hi Folks,

I know how to move the MFD and PFD to a 2nd monitor using the right Alt-Key. I use a 11.6" Full HD screen with vertical orientation, that displays both displays stacked very well.
But I don’t know how to make that permanent. I’m a bit tired that I need to move the screens for each session again and again…

Any clue?

Any electronic screen can be undocked by holding the right(?) Alt button, hovering over the screen (you’ll see the pointer change), then clicking it. The problem is that it’s the screen only - not the controls around it. The only time that this is halfway beneficial is when you’re in a G3X-equipped plane so you can use the simulated touch interface.

You can’t do it automatically. The closest you can get is using one of the tools in the Windows 10 Power Toys called Fancy Zones, which will allow you to define zones on a monitor that you can drag windows into and have them size automatically. I use this latter on my 15.6" touch monitors with Air Manager.